Casualty Series 32, Episode 8 ~ Review

In an episode of Casualty which so easily could have centred around Connie and disregarded all else around such a harrowing turn of events, there were plenty of moments to detract from the seemingly hopelessness of Connie’s secret condition. Here are a few highlights of an episode which really gave us a mixed bag.

Picture Shows: Connie Beauchamp (AMANDA MEALING) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers
  1. Anita Dobson ~ A fantastic guest appearance from actress Anita Dobson! She played a patient with end stage COPD and played it brilliantly, I also enjoyed the interaction between her character, Naomi and Connie. Given Connie’s recent choices, it was fascinating to watch her taking the side of a patient who wanted to die on her own terms.
  2. Driving Test ~ Alicia’s much anticipated driving test day arrived and she almost put the mockers on it by driving over her instructor’s foot and being left vehicle-less. Charlie to the rescue, even though it’s a very reluctant rescue and gives Duffy more fuel for visiting a car showroom! Luckily, Alicia can tear up those L plates and Charlie’s pride and joy remains intact. There’s a lovely scene between Mr and Mrs Fairhead too, when Duffy declares that the car can stay.
  3. Under pressure ~ Ethan is finally let in on Connie’s mystery scans and probably wishes he wasn’t in the know. As Connie looks set to lose her arm due to her avoidance of treatment for her tumour, she blackmails Ethan into performing surgery on her. I expect at some point we’d all be interested to see inside Connie’s head, just to find out how the Ice Queen ticks. I don’t expect any of us anticipated seeing the inside of her arm though. What a superb and intricate scene that was though.
  4. Watch out, Iain ~ Iain, Iain, Iain! You’re going to lose Lily! There’s a research post going begging which Elle is excited about – although she’s not going for it, however it’s right up Lily’s street. So with Iain going off for a night of Poker with the boys, and Sam… I think we can all see the way this might go. Lily has even learned to play Poker, too, so I felt her pain.
  5. National Television Awards 2018 ~ National Television Awards Voting Link make sure you vote for Casualty and either Amanda Mealing or George Rainsford (tough choice!).



Role Contributor
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin Catherine Shipton
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Naomi Danes Anita Dobson
Bill Danes David Sterne
Tim Websdale Keir Charles
Nathan Kellet Ross Anthony-McCormack
Writer Sarah Beeson
Producer Dafydd Llewelyn
Director Carolina Giammetta

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