W1A Series Three, Episode Six ~ Review

W1A no, exactly no! It’s the end of the third series – no I don’t want that! A cliff-hanger again, they’ve really got into their stride of leaving us waiting. Are we going to have to wait long for the BBC to give us series four? Or forever? I can’t stand it, cut to highlights before I’m ‘negative or anything’…

1. BBC Me ~ So here’s the thing right, here’s the thing – it’s launch day for BBC Me and Siobhan is totally killing it with her presentation, plans for champagne at the party (soon downgraded to Prosecco by a disapproving Tracey). Siobhan is demonstrating her usual level of oblivious by yet again having to ask who Tony Hall is. Otherwise, it’s all good, very strong! Oh and tere’s going to be a silent disco too…. George….

2. Will, the hero ~ Will is the most unlikely hero, about as unlikely as a chocolate teapot catching on, yet his quick thinking (yeah I know, crap) in last week’s instalment has resulted in Izzy being saved from the fallout of the Hugh Grant Debacle. David Attenborough has gotten behind the BBC Me campaign and smoothed it over with Hugh Grant. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type! Well done, Will (another sentence it feels alien to be writing!!).

3. The fact is Anna’s leaving ~ Anna and Ian were going to be pitted against one another for the same job with the creation of the Director of Purpose post seemingly set to cause rivalry between the pair. However, the fact is that Anna’s leaving and she wants to take Ian with her to Amazon in the States. Who else gets the impression that she might take Ian with her whether he wants to go or not? Or will Anna stay if she can’t persuade Ian to join her? The fact is she’s not drunk, though!

4. Empowerment ~ Lucy has been made the Head of Empowerment and wants Ian to be the first to know. That love triangle situation is rearing its head yet again. It’s clear that Lucy is hoping that Ian will be made Director of Purpose although she is slightly alarmed to hear David announce that he’s vying for the post. So that might be interesting, lovely Lucy!

5. Tony Hall in a Tardis ~ To finish the episode on scenes involving Tony Hall being enticed into a Tardis by a determined Siobhan was genius. It provided another opportunity for Ian to step up when Tony had gone missing, of course – but where did he go to? Will we see him with Jodie Whittaker, soon? Watch this space (pardon the pun!).

I need more W1A in my life soon, BBC so I have fingers tightly crossed for series four.


Jack Patterson Jonathan Bailey
Barney Lumsden Alex Beckett
Ian Fletcher Hugh Bonneville
Tracey Pritchard Monica Dolan
Karl Marx Joel Fry
Siobhan Sharpe Jessica Hynes
David Wilkes Rufus Jones
Izzy Gould Ophelia Lovibond
Chloe Rose Matafeo
Anna Rampton Sarah Parish
Coco Lomax Sara Pascoe
Fiona Craig Pooky Quesnel
Michael Chung Will Sharpe
Zoe Emma Sidi
Will Humphries Hugh Skinner
Lucy Freeman Nina Sosanya
Simon Harwood Jason Watkins
Neil Reid David Westhead
Narrator David Tennant
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Director John Morton
Writer John Morton
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Director of photography Ben Wheeler
Producer Paul Ralph
Production Coordinator Fiona Vanderburgh
Production Designer Les Stephenson
Art Director Olivia Young
Assistant Director Chris May
Camera Operator Barny Crocker
Camera Operator Greg Duffield
Focus Puller Geo Owen
Camera Assistant Vicky Harris
Camera Assistant Robbie Cairns
Script Supervisor Katie Collins
Costume designer Natalie Willis
Costume Supervisor Veri Ferraz
Best Boy Tom Guy
Electrician Steve Tatham
Location Manager Paula Lamont
Unit Manager Enest Ansah
Make-up Designer Nicola Coleman
Makeup Artist Suzi Long
Editor Robin Hill
Sound Recordist Stuart Piggott
Sound Recordist Tarn Willers
Boom Operator Amee Simpson

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