Star Feature with… Casualty’s Crystal Yu

Tomorrow night in BBC One’s Casualty, we bid a sad farewell to Lily and therefore it’s also goodbye to Crystal Yu who has been playing the doctor I think most of us have come to embrace. I was lucky enough to catch up with Crystal on set during her final filming days. Crystal has always been so supportive of everything I’ve set out to achieve with Break A Leg so it seems fitting that she is one of my first interviewees on my sister blog. Without further ado, here’s the lady herself….

Thank you for talking to me, Crystal – it’s great to be able to chat to you again. So Lily is off to Hong Kong, is it an irreconcilable situation with Iain, now?

I think in relation to Iain, anything to do with matters of the heart isn’t black and white. Sam’s return to the ED has made Lily question a lot about who she is because of Sam’s presence and because of Iain’s inability to talk about it. If Iain had sit Lily down and said “Sam and I dated, back in the day, it doesn’t mean anything now, I want to be with you, you’re my person” Lily would have said OK, but that opportunity never came. Lily has only found out about Sam and Iain’s previous affair through Robyn, and Lily tried to question it but Iain wasn’t entirely honest about it so it makes it difficult for Lily to proceed in the relationship.

Is there anything else that you feel has heightened Lily’s suspicions?

Sam and Iain have been spending days together and Lily starts to feel in her mind that anything could happened. She goes out on the road with them and realises they have so much in common with one another. Sam and Iain have the sort of rapport that Iain and Lily don’t have with one another, they laugh at the same jokes and they have in jokes with one another that go way back. Lily’s made to feel like an insider suddenly.

It’s the end for Iain and Lily’s floundering relationship (photo credit: BBC)

What’s it been like to explore a different side of Lily?

It’s been interesting for me to explore this side of Lily where she’s jealous and she doesn’t know how to handle herself. She feels quite isolated.

What do you feel is the defining moment which forces Lily to re-think?

I think in episode nine where Lily forces her way out as an observer with Sam and Iain for the day and throughout the day Sam irks her a little bit more, probably unintentionally. It’s the fact that Sam and Iain are singing along to the same song while Lily is sat in the back of the ambulance. The pair of them also think the same when they are out treating somebody and they are literally each other’s right and left hand. Lily is left to feel that she doesn’t quite know where she fits in. Lily also feels threatened medically as Sam tells her she’s there to observe and not to give an opinion or orders. Lily is feeling threatened as Iain’s girlfriend and as a medical professional even though she’s more senior than Sam.

Episode nine aired on Saturday and we’ve all seen the horrifying moment when Iain walks in and thinks that Lily has thrown ketchup over Sam!

Yes, Iain walks in and thinks that Lily has just thrown ketchup over Sam without knowing what has already happened, so suddenly Lily is this crazy, incontrollable green-eyed monster that Iain doesn’t recognize and Lily doesn’t even recognize. So she is thinking about moving on not because it isn’t working out with Iain but because she doesn’t like who she has become because of Iain. You can still love a person and have feelings for them, but you might not like who you see in the mirror in the morning and how they’re making you feel. Ultimately if you don’t feel loved, adored and supported the relationship isn’t there.

One last kiss…

How does Iain react to her decision?

I think he’s taken by surprise, I think he was really hoping that Lily wouldn’t get the research post and that they would be something special. In life everything has a right place and a right time, I think they’re in the right place but it’s the wrong time.

Why did you feel it was the right time to leave?

Personal reasons first and foremost, I’ve been on the show for four years and three months now so that’s a big chunk of time. Being away from home is hard, I love coming into work but it’s very easy to neglect your home life. Also I want to see Lily grow outside, so maybe she goes off and does this research project, which makes her a better doctor and who knows, she could come back.

Thanks Crystal, I hope it’s not too long before we can talk again, about your future work perhaps).

Here I am with the main lady herself. Thanks so much for everything, Crystal!

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