Chao for Now ~ Farewell to Casualty’s Lily

Instead of the usual BBC Casualty episode write-up this week, I hope you’ll support me in my tribute to Lily Chao. I for one am really going to miss Crystal Yu and feel that Lily’s exit will leave a real void in the ED. Although the positive in this is that she has only shipped off to Hong Kong so she could return and sweep Iain off his feet again! Here are my Lily highlights from the past four years coupled with my observations…

  1. Dr Chao ~ Lily’s arrival in the ED wasn’t the smoothest transition, I felt that I’d never take to this prickly young medic who spoke so abruptly and appeared to have no compassion. Comparing Lily then and now, she’s almost a different person – yet essentially she’s still the same underneath “I’m Lily Chao and I have to go”. That says it all doesn’t t, ever ambitious!
  2. Connie ~ Lily’s idol was always Connie and it actually feels like a pity that Lily won’t be there to look at Connie’s case as her health remains critical. I always felt that Lily would want to give something back to Connie for being part of her journey so far and what better way than to be supportive. Lily would have loved to have gotten her teeth into the medical side of the condition too, of course.
  3. Ethan ~ I wondered if Lily and Ethan would become an item, it seemed that they were heading for romance at one time but they never quite pushed past the friends barrier. Lily didn’t really seem to play much of a part in Ethan’s recent troubles and although he paired off with Alicia for a time and Lily started her relationship with Iain – I find the lack of a nod towards their enduring friendship a bit sad.
  4. The Older Man ~ I put my head in my hands when Lily pursued and got together with Archie Grayling for a time. I could see her heading for a fall and ambitious Lily was blind-sighted. Although he has been instrumental in her getting the research post that’s taking her away from Holby. I suppose that could be seen as a positive if we weren’t waving goodbye to such a lynchpin of Casualty.
  5. Chao for Now ~ It was a fitting finale for Dr Chao and didn’t belittle the relationship that she and Iain had built. It just wasn’t their time. I think the fact that she thought she hadn’t got the job gave Lily the option to think about how she really felt about leaving everything behind, hence her snap decision when she finally turned her back on Iain. I hope she makes a return – as a more senior medic perhaps? In the meantime… safe travels and happy new job!



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