Two Doors Down, Episodes 1 & 2 ~ Review

I’ve found my new favourite television comedy to make up for the loss of W1A! Thanks to Gold a new sitcom has come into my life and I’m smitten. Two Doors Down not only boasts a stellar cast, the writing is offering plenty of occasions for me to laugh out loud and it’s observational comedy at its best.

Set in Glasgow, the show follows the lives of Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric (Alex Norton) and their neighbours; Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Colin (Jonathan Watson) and Christine (Elaine C. Smith) and her daughter Sophie (Sharon Rooney).  Beth and Eric have a son, Ian (Jamie Quinn) who has a partner called Jaz (Karki Bhambra). While Beth and Eric are at ease with their son’s sexuality, their neighbours are either not accepting of the situation or oblivious!

With each episode comes a new crisis, the first episode saw the breakdown of Beth and Eric’s freezer, with Cathy chipping in and bigging up her ‘part’ by cooking all of the food which was rapidly defrosting. Beth and Cathy are both feisty characters liable to come to blows. Whilst prior to the freezer incident, Eric and Colin have been in the pub discussing their respective weight and body shapes! To add to the mix of assorted chaos, Jaz asks Ian to move in with him, so a new transition period is also on the cards. Essentially it’s a window into everyday life with a cast who have gelled as well as I felt the cast of Sky One’s Mount Pleasant, did. There’s the same sense of community and impending debacle.

Episode two saw Christine sitting beneath rubble as the ceiling collapsed in the home that she shares with daughter, Sophie. She treats Sophie like a ten year old and the put upon girl is constantly finding ways to rebel. The disaster sees the pair moving in with Beth and Eric, which is hilarious in itself, until Colin and Cathy fall out. Colin’s been enjoying himself in front of some pornography so Cathy declares that she’s staying the night at Beth and Eric’s too. What else could go wrong? Ian and Jaz split up? Yes, that also happened! The farcical nature of the situation comedy enhances the flow and pace of the show – I know I will be raving about this and I hope there’s a Christmas special because it lends itself to one. Fantastic series, thank you Gold!


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