Casualty Series 32, Episode 12 ~ Review

So, Lily’s gone leaving Iain a bit nowhere and Sam eager to pounce, Ethan is still wracked with guilt, Connie is battling on with her diagnosis seemingly at the back of her mind and all is busy as usual as we pay another visit to Holby ED. Highlights of last week’s Casualty

Iain and Sam ~ It hasn’t taken Sam long to move in on her ex, Iain. However quite rightly, he’s shrugging off her advances, albeit for the time being. Although I feel sure that the writers will take them down the tryst route, I have serious doubts about the future of their relationship – especially their professional relationship if they ‘go there’.

Ethan’s erring on the side of the truth ~ Ethan is still plagued by the consequences of his actions having claimed justice for Cal in a way which was not at all like Ethan. The ‘murder’ hangs over him to the point that I still feel he will crack at some point. This time it was an ill-timed joke from Max that set him off, who knows what it will be next time? Connie is still trying to protect him, but he’s a loose cannon.

Connie’s control (or lack there of) ~ Connie’s illness is affecting her ability to practice and it’s not only obvious to those in the know i.e. Ethan, but to the team, or at least Charlie looked slightly suspicious when Connie handed Ethan the ‘baton’ midway through doing her job. Charlie has been a good friend to Connie in the past, will he be let in on the secret too?

Rash rushes (…to the loo!) ~ New boy, Rash is all bravado and eagerness until his job involves something he’s uncomfortable with. The young medic makes a swift exit to the toilet when there’s the chance of his being required to stitch up a patient – he’s a tickle-stomached trainee and David is enjoying it a little too much!

Break A Leg Awards ~ Public vote for the Break A Leg Awards closes on Monday 20th November 2017 at midday. Casualty, Amanda Mealing, Crystal Yu, Jason Durr and Will Beck are all nominated – so make sure you put in a vote for your favourite and for Casualty too of course!



Role Contributor
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Rashid Masum Neet Mohan
David Hide Jason Durr
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Sam Nicholls Charlotte Salt
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
D C Wilkinson Amy Noble
Ocean Reynolds Georgia Frost
Andrew Hayes Stuart McQuarrie
Chris Murphy Harry Eden
Matthew Power Keith Ramsey
Writer Simon Norman
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Director Matthew Evans



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