Spotlight On… Star of Casualty, Neet Mohan

There’s a new F1 doctor in BBC’s  Casualty, Rashid Masum is making himself known the building and he’s making quite an impression. I chatted to Neet Mohan who plays him – and this is what he had to say about Holby’s latest recruit.

Thanks for chatting to me, Neet – you’ve joined Casualty as a new F1 Junior Doctor, did you do any research or shadowing before you took on the role?

My cousin is a doctor and while he was studying I talked to him about all the things that he was doing as part of his training. He would tell me about all the aspects of his training which was quite amazing to hear about, especially as he’s my ‘baby’ cousin and someone I’ve always felt I’ve ‘looked after’. That was the extent of my research though, talking to him about his job.

How has your experience of Casualty been so far?

Everyone’s been really lovely, they’ve all been so welcoming and the team are amazing. Matthew, one of the Directors has been a godsend, he’s so gentle and we I feel I can talk to him about things. It’s all happened really quickly from audition to being on set.

Were you a Casualty viewer before you joined the cast?

I watched it when I was a kid and in my teens, then I stopped watching it – and now recently I’ve started watching it again so that I can catch up with what’s been going on.

What are Rash’s character traits? How does he fit in to the team?

I think he’s a bit naïve and can be a bit green. He means well though and tries really hard, he has a sense of humour and tries to be jokey and have fun, but not at the right times. He’s going to be a really good doctor when he knows how to be a good doctor. He wants to make friends with the team and if he does rub people up the wrong way he’s not doing it on purpose, he wants to be liked.

Do you think he’s aspiring to be like any of the doctors that he’s working with?

Not yet, but there were elements of Lily that he was struck by and I think he’d like to be like her.

What would you like for Rash in the future?

I would like to see him grow in confidence and prove his worth. I think he’s got an over-powering mum so hopefully he can flee the nest, stand on his own two feet and gain the respect of his peers.

Thanks for your time, Neet – I think Rash has already made an impact and I’m sure he will continue to do so.

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