Two Doors Down, Episodes 3 & 4 ~ Review

More from Gold’s Two Doors Down in the form of another couple of hilarious instalments, this week. It really is the best television comedy available at the moment. In my humble opinion of course!

My highlights are below:

*** Episode 3 ***

It’s Ian (Jamie Quinn) and Jaz’s (Harki Bhambra) housewarming party – Beth (Arabella Weir) and Cathy (Doon Mackichan) are on their way to spend the evening with the boys. Meanwhile Colin (Jonathan Watson) and Eric (Alex Norton) are having a boys night in, in front of the tennis – well, until swingball seems a good idea and their ball lands in Christine’s (Elaine C. Smith) back garden!

Cathy’s getting into the party spirit with a booze-fest of her own while Jaz is fretting about the temperature of the room and everything in between. Beth is smiling through it, keeping the peace and Ian looks as shell-shocked and bewildered as ever as he tries to follow his mother’s lead. A downstairs neighbour is soon hammering on the door when her baby’s sleep is in jeopardy (Cathy has the music up as loud as she pleases, naturally) and predictably this leads to a row, no prizes for guessing who starts it and carries it on as long as she can “I WANT TO TALK!” Cathy shouts in the unwitting neighbour’s face. As the party appear to de-camp to the corridor, they are locked out of the flat!

Colin and Eric’s ball recovery mission lands them with Christine for company, she’s helping herself to curry and settling in for an evening in front of the tennis in someone else’s house – standard Christine behaviour. What’s funnier is when the consensus is that they don’t like tennis but they like Wimbledon. The observational qualities of the script are exceptional. The format of each episode results in the gang congregating at Beth and Eric’s house, yet it never feels predictable. There’s always enough happening to distract from the fact that everybody has ended up doing what they do every episode. Clever writing and the cast dynamic works too.

*** Episode 4 ***

It’s Eric’s birthday tomorrow and Beth is out shopping for a present that he claims not to be bothered about. He just wants peace and quiet as he sits down in front of the telly with food and no alcohol (he’s on the wagon, much to the amusement of his friends). His quiet time is soon interrupted by the arrival of Ian , Jaz, Colin and Cathy. Colin and Cathy have bought wine for Ian’s birthday, which they’re soon happy to drink on his behalf once his intentions to stay off the alcohol are made known. In fact Cathy downs most of it!

It’s not long before Christine and Sophie complete the picture having returned from a funeral. It was full mass so Christine is decked out in her finery and can’t remember the name of her mother’s cousin who’s funeral they’ve just attended. Although she’s making a meal of it of course, showing the order of service to a disinterested Cathy and demanding food even though she’s enjoyed herself at the wake and tucked into the buffet with gusto. Sophie seems on edge, as usual when her mother’s around, but there’s an extra dimension to her worry.

Beth’s home to a house-full (I don’t know why she’s surprised) and her purchase of a digital photo frame for Eric’s birthday sparks the reveal of a family portrait taken many years ago – upon which Eric has stuck a sticker to hide the bits and pieces he’s showing – because he’s wearing a kilt. Hilarious!

Oh and Sophie’s pregnant, she takes the test in Beth and Eric’s bathroom (as you do!) and the announcement sends her mother into tizzy and off to hospital until the wee small hours – Happy Birthday Eric!

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