Casualty ~ Spotlight on ‘Robyn’ played by Amanda Henderson

For the next few weeks I’m going to be focusing on the characters in BBC One’s Casualty as opposed to a full episode review each week – inspired by the storylines becoming so much more character focused at the moment. Last Saturday’s episode (number 33) saw Robyn (Amanda Henderson) unexpectedly reunited with Glen (Owain Arthur) as the truth as to his whereabouts was revealed and Dylan (Will Beck) has had a hand in the situation. Which was a surprising turn of events in itself! The episode also saw the much anticipated guest appearance of Cagney & Lacey’s Sharon Gless as a past tutor of Dylan’s. In fact I’ll just take a moment to congratulate Gless on a fantastic character who was extremely engaging to watch on screen. I hope she comes back, do you?

So, back to Robyn and her little daughter’s christening for which Glen had made sure he reappeared for. Watching the scenes evoked a series of ‘flashbacks’ for me as I considered the character of Robyn’s journey to date. Here are my thoughts and ramblings!

  1. Naivety ~ When Robyn arrived in Holby her naivety was the over-riding characteristic. Sensitive, almost childlike in her personality and trying to fit into the team and seem older than her years. The dynamic was certainly missing a character as bubbly and cheery and Robyn and she quickly established herself as an integral part of the team.
  2. Siblings ~ Max  (Jamie Davis) is Robyn’s half brother and has been a somewhat steady presence in her life. They are protective of one another and despite the many traumas Robyn’s encountered, I’ve never felt like she’s been on her own.
  3. Friendships ~ Dylan is perhaps the most unlikely of mates for Robyn, the part he’s played in Glen’s ‘journey’ will surely come into question over coming episodes, but there was no denying that Dylan was a rock to Robyn during her pregnancy. David (Jason Durr) was also a buddy of hers until the fateful night when she gave birth to Charlotte in the church graveyard while David experienced a manic episode. They’ve not really recaptured the essence of that friendship since then. However the friends she has in Duffy (Cath Shipton) and Charlie (Derek Thompson) are like family to Robyn, providing a roof over her head and in-house baby sitters too!
  4. Romance ~ Robyn hasn’t been successful on the romance front and suitors seemed to be few and far between – so when Glen came along, it seemed like the right fit for Robyn had walked into her life at last. To bring with him a life-limiting brain tumour was more than a fly in the ointment and it’s such a terrible shame that they haven’t been able to make a go of it regardless, with Glen too concerned with saddling the love of his life with a terminally ill husband. When he ditched Robyn and left her at the altar, that really was a heart-wrenching moment. We’ll see what his reappearance brings, but it won’t be all good news.
  5. Motherhood ~ As a Nurse, Robyn almost has too much knowledge of how much could go wrong for a new born and indeed a child. Her paranoia when baby Charlotte had so much as a sniffle was an interesting emergence. However, I think she’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water now and looks completely at home with a baby in her arms. Becoming a mum has been the making of Robyn.



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