Two Doors Down, Episodes 5 & 6 ~ Review

Two Doors Down – how much do I love this being shown on Gold? Just a wee bit! Television at its best and funniest.

The next two episodes focus on Sophie’s pregnancy, Christine’s unreasonable behaviour and Cathy’s hot tub joy…

*** Episode Five ***

Christine (Elaine C. Smith) has recovered from the shock news of Sophie’s (Sharon Rooney)pregnancy, however one detail is missing – Sophie has neglected to mention who the father is! Christine’s solution to this? Lock Sophie in the shed!

Cathy (Doon Mackichan) has been attempting to make scrambled eggs for Colin (Jonathan Watson) and is grateful for the distraction of Eric (Alex Norton) popping by to ask for Colin’s help moving furniture. While the boys are moving an old bed (with Colin being distinctly less helpful than Eric had anticipated) they are soon side-tracked by an impromptu and competitive game of darts in the garage.

Meanwhile Cathy and Beth (Arabella Weir) are trying to talk some reason into Christine and remove Sophie from the shed.

Cathy is playing mediator with the aid of alcohol (for a change!) and before long we find out that the father could be one of two lads and can’t be narrowed down. Her baby was conceived during a threesome!

*** Episode Six ***

Beth and Eric decide it’s time they had a holiday and book a last minute trip to Turkey. Much to the dismay of Cathy who was planning a hot tub warming party and is soon hitting the bottle well before noon.

Ian (Jamie Quinn) is not so sure about the early morning trip to the airport and is grateful for Colin’s offer – which is soon withdrawn once the 4am pick up is mentioned. Cathy soon cheers up when her party can still go ahead, Ian and Christine’s little pal are ‘signed up’ and it’s not long before Christine and Sophie think that they’re invited too.

There’s glass, a noisy hot tub and clumsiness. Oh and there’s Eric, who is missing at the time of glass-gate and unwittingly steps into the tub. At least he and Beth make it to their holiday!

Cathy is renowned for her strops, but I think this episode really shows her colours. I also felt that the deeper meaning to the sadness and loneliness of the character was shown during this storyline. What makes this sit com so watchable is that it’s so easy to invest in all of the characters and their flaws work on a comedic level and actually on a more serious note too. I hope there’s more to come from Two Doors Down!


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