Howards End Episode Three & Episode Four ~ Review

Episode Three:

Who felt the angst from Mr Bast in this episode of BBC One’s Howards End, then? Wowzers it was oozing all over the place! His complete adoration of Helen is overt while Mrs Bast is suffering with poor health and their finances have taken a nose dive due to the advice from Mr Wilcox that Mr Bast move employers. Suffice to say that the advice was not sound as Mr Bast found himself redundant.

Romance is on the mind of Mr Wilcox and the other boiling pot that’s been bubbling since episode one spills over when he asks Meg to marry him. Much to Helen’s disgust it seems.

The intertwining of the Bast and Wilcox family is highlighted too as it soon becomes clear that Mrs Bast has been Mr Wilcox’s mistress in the past. This news emerges as Helen turns up with the Basts, laying blame at Mr Wilcox’s door for their unfortunate circumstances.

So, with Evie married in a lavish wedding ceremony – it looks as though another Wilcox wedding won’t be imminent, Meg is released from the engagement…

Episode Four:

The final instalment of Howards End! Did you love it as much as I did? What an exceptional adaptation, what a set, what a cast – amazing!

So, what did we have in the last episode? Well Helen has disappeared and Meg is anguished – imagining all sorts has happened to her sister. Particularly, due to Helen’s vague letters. Although Tibby and Meg could not imagine the reason for Helen’s prolonged absence. However, they are keen to piece it together and Charles becomes involved in solving the mystery – especially once the Basts are thrown into the mix.

Meg does marry and become Mrs Wilcox – albeit a fraught union which almost crumbles altogether when Helen reappears and is found to be heavily pregnant. Meg is desperate for her husband’s support which he is unwilling to give, even in light of his own misdemeanours.

Bast is the father of Helen’s unborn child of course, and he meets an untimely demise. Meanwhile Meg declares that she will move to Germany with her sister. There is a happy ending in sight, but I won’t spoil it. All I will say is that my Sundays have been filled with a glorious piece of television. Thanks BBC!


Series Cast:

Matthew Macfadyen Matthew Macfadyen
Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell
Philippa Coulthard Philippa Coulthard
 Helen Schlegel 4 episodes, 2017
Alex Lawther Alex Lawther
Joe Bannister Joe Bannister
 Charles Wilcox 4 episodes, 2017
Donna Banya Donna Banya
Tracey Ullman Tracey Ullman
Bessie Carter Bessie Carter
 Evie Wilcox 4 episodes, 2017
Joseph Quinn Joseph Quinn
Rosalind Eleazar Rosalind Eleazar
 Jacky Bast 4 episodes, 2017
Yolanda Kettle Yolanda Kettle
 Dolly Wilcox 3 episodes, 2017
Sandra Voe Sandra Voe
 Miss Avery 3 episodes, 2017
Gavin Brocker Gavin Brocker
Miles Jupp Miles Jupp
 Percy Cahill 3 episodes, 2017
William Belchambers William Belchambers
Hannah Traylen Hannah Traylen
Jonah Hauer-King Jonah Hauer-King
 Paul Wilcox 2 episodes, 2017
Julia Ormond Julia Ormond
 Mrs. Wilcox 1 episode, 2017
Estrid Barton Estrid Barton
 Austrian Housekeeper 1 episode, 2017
Matthew Marrs Matthew Marrs
 Young Man: Danny 1 episode, 2017
Sagar Arya Sagar Arya
 Doctor: for Tibby 1 episode, 2017
Jos Slovick Jos Slovick
 Ticket Boy 1 episode, 2017
Andrew Bridgmont Andrew Bridgmont
 Swanage Doctor 1 episode, 2017
Harry Gostelow Harry Gostelow
 Waiter: Simpsons 1 episode, 2017
George Taylor George Taylor
 Herr Liesecke 1 episode, 2017
Leonie Benesch Leonie Benesch
 Frieda Mosenbach 1 episode, 2017
Mark Donald Mark Donald
 Mr. Mansbridge 1 episode, 2017
Daniel Bogod Daniel Bogod
 Waiter: Oniton 1 episode, 2017
Maya Saroya Maya Saroya
 Earnest Young Woman 1 episode, 2017
Tim Pritchett Tim Pritchett
 Young Man: Margaret’s Friend 1 episode, 2017
Nick Davison Nick Davison
 Concert Goer / … (uncredited) 2 episodes, 2017
Tim Ingall Tim Ingall
 Albert Thomas / … (uncredited) 2 episodes, 2017
Ndongo Faye Ndongo Faye
 Mr. Cunningham (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
James Hare James Hare
 Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Helena Holmes Helena Holmes
 Florist (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Danny Jackson Danny Jackson
 Bystander (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Paul A Munday Paul A Munday
 Coffin Bearer (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Bernardo Santos Bernardo Santos
 Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Tamara Sharpe Tamara Sharpe
 Secretary (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Gumuliauskas Vaclovas Gumuliauskas Vaclovas
 Lobby boy (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Arthur Wilde Arthur Wilde
 Shopper (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017

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