Trollied ~ Series Seven Christmas Special

I’m a little late with my write up of one of my all-time favourite television comedies, Trollied, and its resplendent Christmas Eve special – however, please do have a read of the highlights of the instalment from my humble television addict point of view!

  1. Farewell Daniel! ~ The episode kicked off with the news that Daniel (Samuel Anderson) is leaving! Cue Colin (Carl Rice) taking every opportunity to draw penises on Daniel’s shirts throughout the course of the day! His departure doesn’t appear to be spelling curtains for his romance with Katie (Chanel Cresswell) though, as he plots to ask her to move in with him as a Christmas surprise.
  2. Gavin’s bestie ~ Gavin (Jason Watkins) is not only happily in love with his fiancĂ©e Cheryl (Sarah Parish), he finally has a work buddy in the shape of Tim (John Thomson) who’s been hired as Christmas staff. Gavin is beside himself with glee to have a like-minded friend and so excited that he’s thinking of asking his pal to stay on after Christmas – which induced a hilarious scene where he rang Cheryl’s mobile while she was standing in front of him… just to get her attention!
  3. Tim ~ Gavin might think he’s the best thing since sliced bread and he’s also caught Heather’s (Jessie Cave) eye too, but Tim is working at Valco for one reason only. His motivation is to steal the Christmas takings and he has a team of back up thieves ready to pounce.
  4. Sue and Linda ~ Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) and Linda (Faye McKeever) are oblivious to the fact there’s an attempted robbery in progress as they spend the duration getting ready for the party and finish by giving one another a make over of sorts! This pair are one of the funniest on-screen double acts on television – give them their own show!!
  5. Conga ~ I want to use my final highlight for the conga that the staff danced around the store because it was one of the single-most visual comedic moments in the episode. Sarah Parish as Cheryl leading the throng had me crying with laughter with just a facial expression. When you think that she has recently been seen playing the title role in ITV drama Bancroft and prior to that another series of BBC Two’s W1A where she never fails to make my sides ache as Anna – it’s almost unbelievable that she’s Cheryl too.


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