Top 10 Television Performers of 2017

How do you whittle down the millions of television stars who grace the small screen into a top ten? Such a tricky job but I’ve tackled it! 2017 feels like so far back in the past now, especially as I can tell you that it’s highly likely that Miranda Richardson will make my top 10 for 2018 after last night’s ‘Girlfriends’! However, without further ado – here are the fantastically super-talented people (in no particular order, that would be an even trickier task!) who had me glued to the television last year (and probably will continue to keep me glued this year too!).

Lorraine Cheshire ~ Lorraine is an exceptional actress, everything she appears in has added impetus because she’s in it. I love her as Sue in Sky One’s Trollied, that laugh is infectious! I also thoroughly enjoyed her appearance in Channel Four’s Ackley Bridge, that was a small role which she still managed to appropriately bring to the fore. Talent that knows no bounds!

Stephen Tompkinson ~ I’ve been a fan of Stephen’s for years, his recent television work has me as hooked as his past roles have. Brian in Trollied is one of my ultimate favourites, he’s bonkers and it’s such a different role for him to take on. I was also mightily impressed with BBC Four’s Eric, Ernie and Me – if you haven’t managed to see that over the festive period, see it! Stephen will always be one of my top favourites, he’s always got something up his sleeve.

Pooky Quesnel ~ Pooky was a fantastic addition to the cast of BBC Two’s W1A, a brief role which made an impact and demonstrated her comedy ability. I do hope if a fourth series should come that they manage to reprise the role. It’s her portrayal of the character, Louise in BBC one’s The A Word that REALLY stood out for me last year, though. I couldn’t fault it and I was moved to tears on more than one occasion.

Greg McHugh ~ Playing Eddie in The A Word puts this amazing actor on my top ten list. Greg plays him as bumbling yet understated, seemingly a walk-over although not as much as it might appear. I’ll be looking out for him in more productions from now on, that’s for sure, I’m glad to have been introduced to Greg McHugh’s talent.

Sarah Parish ~ What can I say about her that I’ve not previously said? Sarah Parish is surely the actress of the moment and she turns her hand seamlessly from comedy to gripping drama. Anna in W1A, Cheryl in Trollied and of course ITV’s Bancroft – I still shudder at her portrayal of the title role in Bancroft, now. There is nothing that this woman cannot do, I can’t wait for the next character.

Jason Watkins ~ Jason Watkins never fails to impress me and he’s such a chameleon. As a television comedy fan in particular of course I love him as Gavin in Trollied and Simon in W1A, but there’s always a drama or two on the cards for him, too. He goes hand in hand with Sarah Parish, long may they both reign!

Laurie Brett ~ I rarely have favourite Soap Stars, I generally feel that as a cast member, each performer is an integral part of the ensemble and singling one out is not the norm. However, one of my long-term top favourites has always been Laurie Brett who plays Jane in BBC One’s EastEnders. Last year she really came into her own again, at the centre of the Max storyline and of course, she’s done a runner now. I have my fingers tightly crossed that she’ll be back. Ian needs her!

Adam Woodyatt ~ Ian Beale – he is the marmite of EastEnders isn’t he? But love him or hate him, he’s a stalwart and I think he’s had some cracking storylines in recent years. I think Adam Woodyatt is a real star and as an actor, he gets better all the time. Here’s to more from Mr Beale, the Square would be nothing without him.

Samantha Power ~ I liked Samantha Power when she made an appearance in ITV’s Coronation Street, however in Ackley Bridge she wowed me. As drug-addicted Simone, unfit mother of two, she was almost unrecognisable and her performance still resonates now. An actress de force and no mistake.

Cliff Parisi  ~ Mr Parisi – ahh I loved him as Minty in EastEnders, didn’t everyone? I’ve REALLY taken to him in the role of Fred in BBC One’s Call The Midwife. The character fits him like a glove and I feel he brings a great range of emotions to what could be a very ordinary role. I hope he stays with the show for as long as it runs, he’s the life blood.


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