TV & Movie Scene Interview… Trollied Star, Lorraine Cheshire

Lorraine Cheshire has long been a favourite television actress of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to interview her on a few occasions over at my sister blog Break A Leg – so with Sky One’s television comedy, Trollied on its seventh series now, I caught up with Lorraine about what’s is in store for Valco and her character, Sue.

Thanks so much for chatting to me again, Lorraine – what can we expect from series seven of Trollied?

You’ll have seen the Christmas Eve episode with the robbery in store carried out by Tim (John Thomson) while Sue and Linda (Faye McKeever) miss it completely, in the staff room getting ready for the surprise party and giving each other a surprise make over! Sally Phillips joins the cast and her character gets a job accidentally at Valco with repercussions that are very funny. You’ll also have seen Linda having more problems with Neville (Dominic Coleman) and as usual, Sue is in the middle of it all as facilitator. However, another man comes into Linda’s life.

What do you like about playing the role of Sue? 

What I love about Sue is she never changes. She still dislikes Neville but at the same time can’t stand to see him sad only because he ends up coming to her with his problems and Linda is never responsible for her actions. It’s always left to Sue to sort it out but there is a heart in there somewhere I think and I also think she secretly likes to be the one they come to but she would never say that.

What’s it like to be back with the gang again? 

It’s always good to come back and I can’t believe we are on our seventh series, we are like a dysfunctional family now (just kidding). 

Why do you think that Trollied still attracts the viewers after all this time?

We have a great fan-base who love Trollied there’s something for everyone, lots of different characters they can root for and having guest stars like Sally Phillips and John Thomson just add to the stories and change it up a little which it constantly needs.

What else is on the agenda for you this year?

As for me, I’m going back to film the second series of Channel Four’s Ackley Bridge, which I’m pleased about as they are a lovely bunch.

Thanks so much to Lorraine for her time (over Christmas as well, bless her!) I think you’ll all agree with me that Trollied is as hilarious as ever. Catch it on Tuesday evenings at 10pm on Sky One


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