Girlfriends ~ Episode Two

I love nothing more than having another instalment of a superb Kay Mellor television drama to look forward to. Girlfriends had me hooked last week and this week’s episode not only provided a few open mouthed responses from yours truly, it did nothing to resolve my inner detective issues either. I’m still trying to fathom the direction that each of the girls’ storylines will take us in. Here are a few highlights from a busy yet thoroughly engaging hour:

Linda ~ Despite the character of Linda (Phyllis Logan) being thrust straight into the spotlight last week due to the demise of her husband while at sea, I didn’t feel like much of her personality had an opportunity to shine. However, this week she has scenes which stunned me with their complexity, intensity and yet more questions were raised. I’m now wondering if she was in on a scam with Micky and knew that he was planning to fake a fall overboard. I felt she was quick to fall out with Gail (Zoe Wanamaker) following her comments about life insurance. The episode finished on Linda’s arrest though, so we’ll see what episode three has in store. This is probably not as predictable a situation as I’m starting to suspect it might be. Top work from Phyllis Logan again though, what a role to get her teeth in – just brilliant.

Gail ~ Gail seems to be the poor relation of the three girls and it’s interesting that she’s not keen to pursue the rest of her divorce. I’m torn between wondering if she’s the character who gets a ‘happy ending’ and waiting for the boom to be lowered. Her son is back inside for the time being which is obviously a worry and her mum goes astray so there’s plenty more to be explored there. I love the dynamics between all three central characters though and I remain delighted by the different type of role that Mellor’s writing has offered Wanamaker.

Sue ~ Miranda Richardson could almost steal the show if it weren’t for strong storylines belonging to her friends. This week she has a double shock in store on her big birthday. Yes, she’s been presented with carbs for breakfast and following a spa day with the girls she’s got a surprise party waiting for her. However, her son Andrew (Philip Cumbus) chooses the party to spring on his mum that he’s gay and he has two children. Hats off to Sue, she embraces all of the news and is super keen to be a grandma. The scene at Andrew’s house where she brushes her granddaughter’s hair is so simple yet beautifully moving. I feel as though Sue has so much more to look forward to even though her life as she’s known it has shifted.

This series is one of Mellor’s finest, the cast make it what it is, for sure – however casting is a mere cog in the well crafted wheel. I’m already wondering if Girlfriends might have the same ‘legs’ as BBC One’s In The Club


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