Trollied ~ Series Seven, Episode Two

Yet another hilarious instalment of Television Comedy, Trollied! I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from Margaret (Rita May) and Brian’s (Stephen Tompkinson) scenes yet!! Highlights are below, however the entire episode was one mahoosive highlight for me, such a well observed series which has me in fits of laughter every time.

Sofa Bed ~ Margaret is forever starting a tale with a scenario which sounds positively X-rated and poor Brian gets himself into a real pickle over it. This time he’s so far drawn into the story that by the time she reaches the point, that her husband was trying to sort out the sofa bed he shouts for joy “SOFA BED!!” and I was in stitches! Margaret is oblivious that she leads her boss up the garden path every time she gives him a run down of her morning or evening’s activities. It’s television comedy at its best.

Night Duty Manager ~ Interviews are on for the Night shift Manager position and Gavin (Jason Watkins) is still unhappy about the 24 hour opening proposal. “I’m not a milkman, Katie” he tells his co-interviewer, in disgust. The interview process follows a fully disorganised course, naturally and when Lou (Sally Phillips) arrives for an interview with her two children in tow – all hell breaks loose. Until, that is, Gavin has a light-bulb moment and decides that unwitting Lou might be just the person he’s looking for, despite Katie’s (Chanel Cresswell) misgivings and the fact that Lou hadn’t actually applied for the job in the first place. This is going to be epic!

Independence ~ Linda (Faye McKeever) is revelling in her split form Neville (Dominic Coleman) and merrily singing aloud about her independence. Cue Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) taking the tannoy to announce special offers on various single items, and Linda retaliating with a loud and pointed message of her own. Before they fall about laughing of course. However, when it looks like Linda will have to catch a bus home, she’s soon back on the blower to Neville begging a lift.

Breast is best ~ Lisa (Beverly Rudd) is back at work, well, work might be a stretch too far but she’s at her till, anyway and rinsing the rights of newly returned mums. Katie is soon calling her bluff, providing a breast pump and an area for Lisa to express, in. It’s good to have Lisa back and she’s still as filthy as ever!

Detective Brian ~ Not only did Brian almost have a heart attack when Margaret’s tales skirted dangerously to details he had no desire to know about – he also found out why the sofa bed was being ‘erected’ in the first place. Margaret was doing jury duty. In the same way as she’d done Downton and other television programmes. However, Brian is taken in once again and trying to assist in solving a double homicide. The results are hilarious and poor Bri is soon having his collar felt, which Margaret could help him to get out of… “night night Brian!”.


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