Trollied ~ Series Seven, Episode Three

Who else looks forward to 10:00pm on a Monday night? Television comedy, Trollied absolutely makes my Monday – I look forward to it every week. Let’s dive straight in with the madcap happenings from the next hilarious instalment.

Donna ~ Jessica Gunning as Donna the Security Guard has got some fantastic lines and the way she salutes Gavin (Jason Watkins) absolutely creases me. This week we were spared the “let me tell you a story…” but she’s hell-bent on creating drama in store and raises the alarm when a shopper picks up a banana to give to her toddler. Declaring it to be a crime scene, Donna soon has Katie (Chanel Cresswell) to answer to, their interactions are top class. Sheer brilliance.

Lou ~ Sally Phillips has always belonged in Trollied, her character, the unwitting Night Manager really started to make waves this week when she started changing prices of electrical equipment! Gavin was understandably dreading Lou’s introduction to Cheryl (Sarah Parish) in fact it was fortunate that Cheryl was preoccupied when the time came!

Wedding Bells ~ Cheryl is so stressed with the wedding plans that she hands them over to Gavin to deal with (and he has help from Margaret (Rita May). However, Gavin’s idea of a place that means a lot to them i.e. Valco, as a wedding venue does not go down as well as he hoped. I personally think it would be a brilliant plan! Sorry Cheryl!!

Baby-napped ~ Baby makes another appearance at her mummy’s work in the (in)capable hands of her dad aka Colin (Carl Rice) who thinks nothing of leaving his offspring with Heather (Jessie Caves). Lisa (Beverly Rudd) is soon on his case about Baby’s whereabouts, but seems more preoccupied with the stink that Colin has made in the loo! However, unhinged Heather is not to be trusted with the nipper…

Nev ~ Ahh Neville (Dominic Coleman) is still mooning after Linda (Faye McKeever) and irritating Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) with talk of a pillow that still smells like his ex – the poor chap will never have any luck, will he? How is it possible to feel so sorry for someone and want to laugh out loud at them at the same time? What a brilliant character!


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