Girlfriends ~ Episode Three

Hands up if you’re still loving ‘Girlfriends’ on ITV? It’s definitely one of the top programmes I look forward to sitting down and burying myself in for an hour every week. We’re halfway through now and not really much wiser as to Micky’s goings on, however we’re certainly in the picture when it comes to Carole (Paula Wilcox) and it was a creepy finish to this week’s instalment wasn’t it? I’m still shuddering! Here are the highlights:

Feed the cat! ~ Linda (Phyllis Logan) has spent the night in a police cell and she’s about to go under the spotlight as questioning gets underway. Sue’s son, Andrew (Philip Cumbus) has dutifully turned up in his capacity as Solicitor. However, among the revelations of browser history from a computer Linda claims not to be able to so much as switch on –  the accused is mostly worried that someone needs to feed her cat.

Car crisis ~ Sue’s (Miranda Richardson) problems are far from over either, not only does she have Andrew’s drafted letter relating to discrimination, to give the once over but her car is towed away with a £200 ticket on its bonnet! I seems its not insured, so Sue is soon confronting John (Anthony Head) yet again.

Dave – nice guy? ~ I was quite pleased for Gail (Zoe Wanamaker) when it appeared that Dave (Adrian Rawlins) seemed like a nice guy and actually the thought of her not going through with the full divorce made me quite happy – I felt that Dave was the one good thing she had in her life. However, we soon saw another side to his character when he was put in the same room as Tom (Matthew Lewis). So, are we going to see the reasons why the divorce was instigated?

Kidnapped! ~ When Gail’s grandson is unexpectedly whisked off for the day by his estranged mum, it wasn’t exactly a dream come true – however, it rapidly became a nightmare when the dreaded call came. The child wasn’t going to be returned!

Curiosity killed the cat? ~ Carole’s ‘problems’ have been uncovered by detectives, Sue and Gail! First they find out that she’s lied about her musical attributes and is actually a crazed groupie. Then we see someone watching Gail re-placing the spare key to Linda’s house beneath the plant pot. That someone is Carole and she’s soon letting herself in, knife in her hand and there’s blood seemingly coming from the cat. Meanwhile Linda’s lying unwittingly in bed…



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