Call The Midwife, Series Seven, Episode One ~ Review

Call The Midwife is back! This is not a drill… one of the best television programmes in the world is back! Robbed at the National Television Awards in the Drama category, if you ask me – the first episode of the new series packed a punch. The usual rollercoaster storylines mingled with regular faces we love to see and guest stars who fit in as if they’ve always been a part of the show. I think series 7 will surpass itself, here are a few of my highlights from a wonderful episode:

Love is in the air ~ Who else thinks that love is in the air for Nurse Phyllis Crane (the marvellous Linda Bassett) and Sergeant Woolf (Trevor Cooper)? What a formidable pairing they would be and who better to pull off such a superb storyline as these two? I shall spend the episode in anticipation of cupid’s arrow! Misguided though I may be…

Julie Legrand ~ I am a self-confessed fan girl when it comes to the amazing Julie Legrand, so to watch her play such a remarkable role as Cancer sufferer, Ruth Gelin made the episode for me. It was a heart breaking situation to see play out, but Legrand can make any character believable and that made it worse! Even though it was absolutely brilliant in equal measure. To see the character’s distress when she worried that her husband would see her colostomy bag and the contents was such compelling viewing. Call The Midwife doesn’t shy away from tackling the truth of every topic, no matter how unseemly the visual aspect or insinuation may be.

Au Pair ~ Shelagh (Laura Main) is finding it a struggle as a working mother, a fascinating storyline as it’s so reflective of modern life today. She’s now talking of an Au Pair and it looks like Patrick (Stephen McGann) has some misgivings. I doubt the set-up will last long – we’ll see! I love the Turners though, they’re such a natural on-screen family.

Trixie’s troubles ~ Trixie (Helen George) has tried to embrace her new boyfriend Christopher’s (Jack Hawkins) daughter Alexandra (Tipper Seifert-Cleveland) and engages her in conversation about nail varnishes – which is a very Trixie thing to do isn’t it? However, Alexandra’s ‘attachment’ to Trixie is waning. It’ll be an interesting one to watch unfold, I wonder how big a stumbling block this will be for Trixie’s latest romance?

Sister Monica Joan ~ I can’t not mention the hilarious and awesome Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan. I just adore her preoccupation with cake and the fact that she’s a bit of a tease beneath the confusion. Long may she reign!


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