Trollied ~ Series Seven, Episode Four

Trollied, Trollied, Trollied! Why wasn’t it shortlisted for a National Television Award eh? It’s one of the best comedies in the last decade, I feel and now new cast members have joined it’s even better. Yes I mean Danny Mac! Of course I mean Danny Mac!! Here are a few highlights, other than the rather lovely appearance of Danny Mac

Night Shift ~ So it’s the first night shift and Gavin (Jason Watkins) is very reluctant to hand his keys over. Meanwhile the new Night Manager, Lou (Sally Phillips) is bouncing around like a bottle of pop, completely clueless with hair-brain ideas and drinking a bottle of Nighty Night which she believes will keep her awake. It’s a good job Katie (Chanel Cresswell) is on hand to complete the rotas and stick up for her hopeless colleague.

Let’s get physical ~ Danny Mac makes his first appearance as fitness obsessed Craig and catches Linda’s (Faye McKeever) eye! He’s quite a benign character, completely set on finding ways of exercising when he’s not in the gym and oblivious to Linda.

Lusty Linda ~ Linda is completely besotted with Craig, she’s got as much cleavage showing as she can get away with and she’s soon filming him pumping iron – or in this case, bottles! She’s embarrassingly all over the new recruit. Will it end in tears?

Not again, Nev ~ Neville (Dominic Coleman) takes the night shift to get away from Linda then discovers from Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) that she’s working the night shift too. It doesn’t take a genius to realise his ex has the hots for Craig and Neville being the kind soul he is, gives the gym-mad fellar a nudge. Even though the thought makes him feel physically sick. Aw Neville!

Poor Sue ~ When Sue arrives for her shift following the night shift, Neville is looking rather forlorn as Linda leave the store with Craig. Sue takes pity on him and provides a shoulder to cry on. Poor Sue gets it both barrels, Linda in one ear and Neville in the other. I don’t envy her!


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