Girlfriends ~ Episode 4

Oh my, what an instalment! Surely one of ITV’s best television dramas, Girlfriends has taken another twist which I had started to suspect might come yet still wasn’t quite prepared for. Who here thinks Kay Mellor is a genius, though? There are few television programmes that render me speechless, in fact if you know me, you’ll know it takes a lot to render me speechless! Highlights from this week’s bombshell episode:

Florence ~ Let’s start by paying tribute to Florence the cat – killed by Carole (Paula Wilcox) the knife-wielding intruder who clearly is not a fan of animals or maybe she is a fan of Curiosity Killed The Cat? Jokes aside, RIP Florence, I still feel a bit affected by her loss (give the cat a BAFTA!) and it’s not exactly a picnic for Linda (Phyllis Logan) either.

Carole ~ So once she’s disposed of the cat Carole’s turning the knife on Linda with the blade at her throat and Sue (Miranda Richardson) looking on bordering on hysterical. A written confession of what really happened if what Carole’s demanding and of course, Linda’s writing it as best she can. It’s all tripping off her tongue quite freely and she doesn’t seem too alarmed. When Gail (Zoe Wanamaker) unwittingly joins the party there’s actually an amusing, light-hearted moment when Carole tells her to get on the floor and she would rather not because of her knee! It’s not long before the police are carting Carole off and Linda’s sobbing about the loss of Florence.

Inquest ~ The fact that this turned out not to be the actual inquest caused quite a stir. Linda was soon having a hot flush when she was asked why she chose to go and find Micky when he was a long time returning form the room. Once the question’s answered it seems that everybody is satisfied and there’s even some good news in the form of a possible pay out from the cruise ship due to their irresponsibility in ‘plying’ Micky with alcohol. Of course the actual inquest could be some years away…

When the chips are down ~ A fire at Gail’s house caused by her forgetful mum nodding off with a chip pan on means the family are in need of a temporary place to live and so they land on Linda’s door. It feels as though everybody might live in Linda’s house eventually – there certainly might be one space made if Linda goes inside… oh yeah…

The truth ~ When Andrew (Philip Cumbus) appears at Linda’s door to report that a body has washed up and it seems likely that it’s Micky’s its a game changer. Linda’s soon letting the cat out the bag (sorry Florence!) to her girls that the confession she made to crazy Carole is all true. She heard Micky on the phone to her, she knew he had been having an affair – she hit him with a chair and he fell overboard. She also threw his mobile phone overboard with him! So was it pre-meditated? was Linda really the one searching online? Has she been protesting too much? Or was it just as sudden and in the moment as she described? Edge of your seat stuff that’s for sure!


Photos courtesy of ITV

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