Call The Midwife, Series Seven, Episode Two ~ Review

I often ask myself what winning formula is contained within BBC One’s Call The Midwife – it truly is one of the most compelling pieces of television drama. Never fails to have me in tears at least once throughout the show and I’m always impressed with the talented guest actors who join the established cast each week.

This week’s ‘Cry Baby Award‘ (awarded to the actor who makes me cry the most frequently throughout the show) goes to…

She’s looking rather different here, but Sophie Austin wins this award hands down! Playing a young Stroke victim so convincingly that I broke my heart over her amazing performance.

This week’s ‘Got the Giggles Award‘ (awarded to the actor who makes me giggle, at the most unexpected times, too!) goes to…

Princess Fiona herself, Laura Main aka Shelagh Turner. Her total shock and surprise when the au pair arrived had me sniggering throughout the episode! Although Shelagh is a somewhat mousey character overall, she can also unwittingly be the clown of the piece!

Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  1. Marjory Chivvers ~ Having a mum give birth (in this case, to child number three) and suffer a highly unexpected Stroke afterwards was handled so sensitively and portrayed brilliantly. All involved should be proud. Marjory (Sophie Austin) was rendered bed-bound and unable to say more than “on the mend” for the vast majority of the episode. Her own mum, who she had been working with in the hair salon when she went into labour, was quick to blame anyone to avoid catching the blame herself. Maggie O’Neill played salon owner, Mae and she was exceptional, we don’t see enough of her on the telly! Every scene post-Stroke was structured like a mini-series in itself.
  2. Racism ~ Mae’s blame was directed towards Lucille (Leonie Elliott) because she believed that the colour of her skin affected her ability to do her job. The castigation from back in the day was so palpable it was almost cringe-worthy to watch, yet it needed to be tackled and it was handled superbly. Leonie is an asset to the cast and Lucille conquered in the end.
  3. Carjacking Nun ~ Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates) is trying to make waves by including men in the antenatal classes, and she’s onto something. However, when the mum-to-be with a slightly enlightened man goes into labour, the Sister steals Nurse Phyllis’s (Linda Bassett) car and causes a ructions when her superior finds out! It also gave another opportunity for Phyllis and the Sergeant to meet though – wink wink!
  4. Green Eyed Monster ~ No, I don’t mean an ogre… although I do mean Shelagh (Laura Main), funnily enough! The arrival of her glam au pair who her husband seems taken with and her son is lusting over doesn’t exactly settle insecure Shelagh. However, when Dr Turner (Stephen McGann) reassures her, their attentions turn to love-struck Timothy (Max Macmillan) instead. This could be even more interesting than I predicted last week!


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