Trollied, Series Seven, Episode Five ~ Review

Another guest star joined the cast of Sky One’s Trollied this week and what a force she was. Actress, Gwen Taylor, well known for television programmes ranging from Duty Free to Heartbeat to a murderous role in Coronation Street – this time she’s on screen as Gavin’s (Jason Watkins) randy, penniless mum!

Mum’s the word…

The arrival of Gavin’s mum isn’t met with delight, exactly. She’s soon having a squeeze of her future daughter-in-law, Cheryl’s (Sarah Parish) boobs! She’s also at the centre of attention as she regales Gavin’s employees with embarrassing stories about her son’s past and is also on the scrounge for £10,000. When met with a defiant Gavin she sets her sights on Neville (Dominic Coleman) and tries to have her way with him, he doesn’t resist! However, there is an obvious turning point when she witnesses Gavin talking batty Heather (Jessica Cave) down from a cage when she’s too scared to have her appraisal!

The stuff of Brian’s nightmares…

Brian (Stephen Tompkinson) is one of my favourite characters and this week’s antics for the mad Pharmacist were side-splitting. Yet again he’s traumatised by Margaret (Rita May) when he suspects she’s about to reveal details of her sex life but she’s actually referring to Alan’s smoking! He’s also got his appraisal, of course and feels over confident that a pay rise will be on the horizon! Not the case of course, and he’s bitterly disappointed once again.

Windy times…

I can’t not pop out a word for Linda (Faye McKeever) and Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) and their wind issues at the customer services counter. So well-timed as well as Gavin’s mum arrived right on cue. Smelly times at Valco – serves you right!

Donna’s dirty weekend…

Donna (Jessica Gunning) – one of my best loved newbie characters has a full weekend of all sorts of shenanigans planned in a local hotel. However, her build up to the big one is looking set to fail. Until she asks Neville is he has any plans. Oh dear, Nev – but then and again Linda has set his Facebook status to ‘single’. Tantric times!

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