Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode One ~ Review

It’s Burns night at Two Doors Down so naturally it’s all round to Beth and Eric’s for a feast! I’ve made no secret of the fact I think this is one of the BBC’s best comedies at the moment – I am a wee bit happy to have the show back for a much deserved third series. This first episode revolved around the Burns night supper, however it also served as a great introduction to the characters for new viewers who might not have caught this hilarious observational comedy before.

Let’s meet the characters who will be guaranteed to entertain you in coming weeks:

Programme Name: Two Doors Down – TX: 29/01/2018 – Episode: Burns Supper (No. 1 – Burns Supper) – Picture Shows: (L-R) Gordon (KIERAN HODGSON), Cathy (DOON MACKICHAN) – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: Alan Peebles

Beth ~ Played by Arabella Weir, she’s put upon, always trying to please and usually found in the kitchen. I love it when she surprises her imposing neighbours by speaking her mind sometimes. Even a snap from Beth doesn’t discourage her often unwanted guests though. She’s married to Eric who would do anything for a quiet life and they have a son, Ian – he’s gay and usually looks baffled.

Eric ~ Ah Eric (Alex Norton), he’s usually the butt of everyone’s jokes, and he doesn’t always stand for it either. He can sometimes be found trying to be a bit of a lad with Colin (Jonathan Watson) although that’s inevitably not tolerated for long. He’s quite adept at putting up and shutting up and is also the calamity of the group.

Ian ~ Beth and Eric’s son (played by Jamie Quinn) is often invisible to the rest of the group as they tend to fawn over his partners! Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Christine (Elaine C Smith) especially seem to enjoy getting cosy with Ian’s boyfriends! Beth tries to make up for the ignorance of the neighbours but aside from a few wide-eyed expressions from her beleaguered son, he seems to let it all wash over him!

Colin ~ Colin is a bit of a braggart, but then with a wife like Cathy that’s to be expected. He’s certainly under the thumb mind you, in this first episode Cathy made sure that he told a long-past ex that she was no longer welcome to contact him. One of the most cringe-worthy scenes! Colin dotes on his wife though and I think that incredibly awkward confrontation with the ex demonstrates that in abundance.

Cathy ~ One of the funniest characters yet perhaps one of the saddest if you take a second look beyond the humour. Always with a drink in her hand, unhappy if she’s not the centre of the attention and wanted nothing to eat at Burns night. If she doesn’t have booze on the go and a vape in her hand, it’s not Cathy!

Gordon ~ Ian’s new partner played by Kieran Hodgson. The neighbours are keen to make comparisons with Ian’s ex, Cathy is all over him like a rash and Christine treats him as her new pal. He’s too open with his business and comes across as a puppy dog. I wonder if he might show another side to his character if pushed too far. He’s also only recently come out to his parents and that didn’t go well.

Christine ~ Christine is one of my favourites, not backwards at coming forwards and constantly mithering and complaining about something. She’s always happy to take as much food and drink as Beth will offer (or not) and has strong feelings about everybody in her life. Not always favourable feelings either! Her daughter has upped and left to live in Wales with her baby daughter and Christine displeasure is vocalised!

For more information and to catch up on the series, visit the website and look out for Eric’s colon in the next instalment!

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