Girlfriends, Episode Five ~ Review

The penultimate episode of ITV’s Girlfriends was rather baffling in parts, which is not what I expected to say. I’m wondering if this was deliberate though, so we are left with loose ends to be tied up next week. Although if Channel 4’s Kiri was anything to go by… I wonder what the post-show tweets will be once Girlfriends concludes? Here are a few of my thoughts as we gear up for the girls’ trip to Spain, anyway.

I’m gripped by…

  • Gail (Zoe Wanamaker) and her mum’s (Valerie Lilley) relationship, it was so tender in this episode and the scene where she offered money to Gail to replace the cooker made me cry! What enhanced that interaction was that later on in the episode mum was checking on the cleaning progress in the kitchen and was fairly dismissive. Such a believable change though if the character has Dementia.
  • Gail and Dave (Adrian Rawlins) reuniting and deciding against their divorce. There was a revelation in that Gail had lost Dave’s baby to a miscarriage which suddenly made everything crystal clear – easy to see how the relationship broke down. So, they made up and went upstairs, as Gail’s mum rightly said “to have sex”.
  • John’s (Anthony Head) heart attack, a bolt out of the blue which initiated an admission from John that Andrew (Philip Cumbus) is his son. Although Andrew was still hell bent on getting his mum (Miranda Richardson) half the business, as John promised when he finally came to the realisation that he can’t run the magazine without her. Interesting that his wife knew all about the affair and the child resulting from it too. It added an extra dimension that his sons from his marriage knew nothing about their father’s shenanigans!

I’m confused by…

  • Linda (Phyllis Logan), such a timid technophobe who causes so much drama at the beginning of the episode by taking too many sleeping pills, seemingly in a suicide bid although actually in desperation for sleep. She also wants to avoid the nightmares featuring Micky – for good reason! I can’t decide whether Linda has yet more extra layers to show us (and if that can be achieved and explained in an hour long episode I’ll be mightily surprised!) or if she’s not really murdered Micky. We’ll soon find out as the girls are off to Spain to identify the body. What’s throwing me with Linda’s character is that she behaves inconsistently and I can’t find an answer for that. I’m almost led to believe she has post traumatic stress disorder, but when she turned around fairly calmly and told her companions that she’d have killed Mickey eventually if it hadn’t have happened on the cruise and that she hated him? I couldn’t quite buy into that. This from a woman who stood nervously in the Adorable magazine offices? It’s a head scratcher!

Am I ready for Girlfriends to come to its conclusion next week? 

Yes! It’s run it’s course now. Although it has been a terrific ITV drama and another quality piece from Kay Mellor

Do I think there should be a sequel?

I had wondered if it was going to be the next In The Club, now I’m not so sure… maybe for the stellar cast it would be worth another series, to see how the online magazine is going if nothing else? I’m sure it would be Adorable Again to see them all! 

Photo Credits: ITV

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