Weekend Watch ~ 3rd/4th February 2018

Weekend television through the last weeks of winter is still keeping me completely entertained. I have to be honest, as a Soap Opera fan who doesn’t always have as much time as I’d like to be getting on with the important business of keeping up with my favourites – I often use Sunday mornings for the Hollyoaks Omnibus (try it, a Hollyoaks marathon is pretty awesome – especially if you’re a tad bleary eyed from the night before!). However, aside from catching up on the Soap action I’ve missed out on, here’s what I was glued to last weekend.

All Together Now ~ I made no secret of the fact I was thoroughly entertained by this new television show when it premiered last week. This week I loved it even more, the format is basic and aside from being the A-Lister amongst the relatively unknowns, Geri Horner’s place on the panel of 100 seems fairly redundant in some respects. In fact that’s code for why is she advertised as being such a big part of it when Rob Beckett carries the show. However, I’m not against Geri’s presence and she’s a very supportive panel member. This week saw some fantastic vocalists, most of whom I could happily listen to in a gig or concert of their own – so as far as attracting the talent, All Together Now done good.

The Voice UK ~ Although I love a good series of The Voice and I REALLY love that Jennifer Hudson returned and Olly Murs has joined the panel too, when the episodes close in towards the battle rounds – I’m a happy bunny. Limited spaces on the teams means pickier judges and it’s interesting to debate whether a contestant might have been chosen if they had been heard sooner. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Luck of the draw. However, what I particularly enjoyed about the recent instalment was Olly’s little tantrum when he missed out on the powerhouse girl from Essex! You could have turned, Olly! In fact you should have turned!!

Casualty ~ Casualty jumped aboard the political bandwagon and the timing couldn’t have been better with the ongoing NHS in crisis debate on the radar more than ever. A multi-organ failure as a result of a tattoo gone bad put Charlie (Derek Thompson) in a foul mood (and on his and Duffy’s (Cathy Shipton) first wedding anniversary too!) and it tipped Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) over the edge, to the point that she took to blogging about it. Plus there was the chaotic introduction of a new F1 doctor which, as a previous NHS employee who’s job it was to put junior doctors through induction and pair them up with their mentors, rang very true. I do wonder why Casualty lost out to Doctor Foster at the National Television Awards, because in my view it’s upping its game every week.

Dancing On Ice ~ So this week it was bye bye Cheryl Baker and ouch that’s gotta hurt for Antony Cotton who broke ribs during rehearsal and still skated. Although, I know he didn’t want a sympathy vote – how many people voted out of sympathy? My vote went to Alex Beresford of Good Morning Britain, despite his fall, the routine itself was quite something and he’s definitely making significant improvement every week. However, I wonder if the lack of Torvill and Dean as coaches is not doing the celebrity skaters any favours? I also feel that lovely Jayne looks awkward when she’s about to give her score and almost apologetic for whatever mark she’s decided to go with. Maybe change the panel again next year? Keep Jason Gardiner though, every time…!

Still Open All Hours ~ The latest episode was one of the best this series in my humble opinion. It is still one of the most consistent television comedies and with such a stellar cast it never fails to raise a laugh. Sunday’s instalment with Eric (Johnny Vegas) dressing up as a woman and not entirely having the desired effect on Kath (Sally Lindsay). Plus Granville (David Jason) flogging torches and selling Gastric (Tim Healy) kippers for his breakfast. I find with this series that a main storyline is not always needed because there is so much going on in the lives of all of the well-loved characters that even the shortest of scenes is memorable. Mrs Featherstone (Stephanie Cole) remains one of my firm favourites after all these years – what a randy ‘in she is! One more episode to go in this current series, let’s hope for more.

Photo credits: BBC & ITV



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