Call The Midwife, Series 7, Episode 3 ~ Review

More drama, more tears, more exceptional guest stars – yep, Call The Midwife delivered yet another tremendous episode and there wasn’t a dry eye in our house.

From the departure of Magda (Nina Yndis) who had a short but sweet part to play to the tackling of a condition which is still relevant today – it was an instalment packed with rollercoaster-style twists and turns. Here’s just a handful of highlights:

Miss Popular ~ When it falls to Violet (Annabelle Apsion) to organise an event, Fred (Cliff Parisi) suggest a beauty contest and so ‘Miss Popular’ is rolled out and it appears to be a ‘popular’ idea. Valerie’s (Jennifer Kirby) quick to add her name and entering the homemade dress category, to boot – which she wins. A great success all round and I think it’ll keep a smile on Fred’s face for some time!

HD ~ Huntington’s Disease AKA HD remains a prolific genetic condition to this day and was covered in a few episodes of BBC One’s Casualty a couple of years ago. Popular actress, Carol Royle brilliantly portrayed the sufferer in Casualty, in Call The Midwife, Kelly Gough was sensational in the role of Doreen Lunt. Doreen was newly diagnosed with Huntington’s and the disease had already made its mark on her daughter. It was a heart-breaking tale of a family torn apart from the need to safeguard al three of the children, a confused husband and Doreen at the heart of it, losing more and more capacity every day. Sensitively put across and so emotive to watch.

Au revoir Au Pair ~ It seems but five minutes since Magda arrived and put Shelagh (Laura Main) on her guard. However, when the young looker is on the quest for contraception – she discovers to her dismay and alarm that she’s already pregnant. On a mission to have a abortion one way or another, she almost kills herself my self-medicating in order to achieve the desired effect. The upshot being that Magda is soon packing her bags. Farewell Magda, you gave Timothy (Max Macmillan) something to focus on for a while, at least!

Tricky times for Trixie ~ Trixie (Helen George) has been unlucky in love since forever, it seems and now she’s waving goodbye to another lover. Christopher (Jack Hawkins) lets her in on the on-going problems with his daughter and with a Psychiatrist now on the scene, Trixie is told that if Alexandra doesn’t want to see her she shouldn’t have to. It’s a confusing time for Trixie as she had bonded so well with the little girl, however, she appears to have an epiphany and tells Christopher to go back to his ex wife. What a sad situation! Christopher loves Trixie and this option was not what he had in mind. Plus, I can’t have been the only one shouting “Nooooo Trixie!” at the telly when she lifted that alcohol to her lips. Poor Trixie!

Phyllis is my Phave! ~ I feel the need to have another glorious rave about Linda Bassett as she absolutely ticks every box for me as Phyllis. The scene with Doreen giving birth was beautifully shot and I should think every expectant mother would like to have a Midwife as caring and gentle as Phyllis was. What a fantastic character with the best choice of actress playing her.

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