Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode Two ~ Review

Surely the funniest comedy on the BBC at the moment, this week’s hilarious episode featured poor old Eric (Alex Norton) in a most ungainly position on the sofa having had a camera inserted into his back passage and sustained a tear. It provided a talking point for the whole half an hour and my face was hurting from smiling so widely and laughing so hard throughout. What a joyful observational piece this show is, it would work well on stage or as a feature film too. Sheer comedic indulgence on a Monday night – here’s my highlights!

Colon in crisis ~ Eric’s colon is in turmoil having come out not entirely unscathed from having a camera inserted there. It provides endless entertainment for the usual visitors as Christine (Elaine C Smith), Colin (Jonathan Watson), Cathy (Doon Mackichan), Ian (Jamie Quinn) and finally, Gordon (Kieran Hodgson) all pile in. It doesn’t take long for Eric to lose his rag with the uninvited guests, though. The patient loses his patience, that’s for sure!

Shopping ~ Christine is complaining (standard for Christine) that she has nothing at home to eat for dinner and has the audacity of suggesting that Ian goes to the supermarket for her on his way over. However, when he arrives with over £40 worth of shopping for the grumpy neighbour, she’s soon picking it to pieces and telling him what she will and won’t pay for. £3 worth of sausages being one of the main annoyances! It was her comment in answer to the questions about whether there were carrots in the bag that had me laughing out loud and continuing to giggle for some time afterwards. You’ve got to watch it to get the full gist of the hilarity.

Super soup ~ Carrots are part of the conversation because Colin and Christine are egging Beth (Arabella Weir) on to make soup. They claim that it will be a treat for Eric but they’re naturally they’re thinking about their own stomachs! Christine’s first to judge it and gives 9 out of 10 because she discovers some uncooked potato. The big drama with soup-gate is the lack of crusty bread, so it’s Gordon to the rescue. Hilarious!

Deserted for dinner ~ Throughout the episode Cathy and Colin are keen to let everyone know they have dinner plans with friends. Cathy’s steadily getting sloshed as usual and giving the excuse of wanting to eat professionally cooked food when turning down Beth’s offer of soup. When their plans are cancelled at last minute, Cathy’s fuming – although when an alternative date is proposed she’s quick to agree to it.

Going through the motions ~ Eric hasn’t been for a poo yet and it’s an exciting moment when he rises from the sofa to visit the loo. The toilet door is surrounded by every single person in the house as Eric tries to go about his business. There’s commentary from Colin and Christine and Gordon is acting as a carer!

If you want to watch series one and two of Two Doors Down, you can own a copy of each on DVD – just click the images below to purchase and enjoy! 


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