Girlfriends Series Finale ~ Review

I’ve been glued to ITV’s Girlfriends, the mention of Kay Mellor’s name and I’m instantly sitting to attention akin to a meerkat. This series feels like it’s been a series of two halves though. The first few episodes held my attention, capturing my imagination as to what really might have become of Micky Hutchinson when he went missing from the ship.

I hesitate to say this, however the latter episodes started to feel far fetched and I felt that Linda (Phyllis Logan) in particular was losing her consistency as a character. Whether any editing has caused a shift in momentum or eliminated key changes, I obviously couldn’t say – I just started to lose my empathy for her. Sue (Miranda Richardson) also began to lose credibility and it seemed all too easy for her to get what she wanted from John (Anthony Head) when the court case was looming. It appeared to be an all too well timed heart attack back in the previous episode.

Onto the series finale, anyway and a few of my thoughts, it’ll be interesting to see which of you out there in cyber-space agree with my musings!

Linda ~ So what we discover about Linda is that she was abused by Micky, he was a right old b*stard to her. Especially as she’d had son Ryan (Chris Fountain) with a different fellar. Of course it makes sense why Ruby (Daisy Head) idolised her dad, the feelings were obviously mutual as she is his flesh and blood. We saw flashbacks of Micky physically abusing Linda on the ship and Ryan almost pushed his ‘dad’ over-board, himself.

It was no shock when Linda positively identified the body and then confessed to it not having been him! Also no surprise when Micky boy turned up and wanted the insurance pay out he suspected Linda had banked. I do feel it was somewhat off kilter and not wholly expected when Linda formed another plan to do away with her husband, though. However, I reiterate my views from my review of the first episode, it’s been great to see Phyllis Logan again in a role so far removed from the 1920s housekeeper.

Sue ~ Miranda Richardson was undoubtedly well cast as Sue, the ability to be cunning and conniving which Sue demonstrated throughout came into play when it came to planning a second attempt on Micky’s demise. However, I struggled with the throw away attitude she took given that a murder was being planned and she was providing the necessary drugs to set the wheels in motion. Mellor certainly made sure that Sue looked the part, though and having read that she was extremely sure of the look that she wanted for Sue – I can attest that her vision definitely worked and came across.

Gail ~ If I was picking favourites, Gail (Zoe Wanamaker) takes that top spot. I felt that she reacted to the dire situation in a very ‘real’ way and I totally agreed with her quip that they should quit while they’re ahead. Even though they probably weren’t that far ahead in reality. The down to earth and rounded character which I felt Gail was from the outset was a good fit for Wanamaker and I found myself empathising with her plight. As characters go, one of Mellor’s best. 

Micky ~ Micky is back in the sea and floating around in a knock off designer suitcase purchased by Sue, not as an intentional accomplice to the murder I hasten to add – just because it was cheap and she liked it! His character emerged cleverly throughout the series and by the finish I thought he probably got what was coming to him. Although the fact we were left with an image of the suitcase rising to the sea’s surface did leave me wondering if we might be in for a second series…

If you want to re-live the full series – you can purchase it on DVD, just click the image below and enjoy!

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