Trollied, Series Seven, Episode Six ~ Review

Trollied is still a highlight of my television viewing calendar, six episodes in to the latest series. It’s so engaging I almost feel like we have a window into a real supermarket when I watch it. I’m always thoroughly entertained if the episode features Lisa (Beverly Rudd) and Colin (Carl Rice) – and little Colin of course!!

Here’s a few highlights from a fantastic episode:

Fire! ~ There’s a fire on the night shift, surprise surprise – Lou’s (Sally Phillips) at the heart of it all and yet seems oblivious to the fact that drying out a fax in the oven caused it. She’s convinced an arsonist crept in! Donna’s (Jessica Gunning) is on high alert and winds up with Margaret (Rita May) as her number one suspect. Which Margaret thinks is highly amusing!

Fireman Col ~ The appearance of firemen in store causes Colin to reveal it was his childhood dream to be a fireman. Lisa is super-excited about this and is quite delighted to send Colin off to the fire station for a visit. Has he signed up? Yes…. except no, he’s lying and Lisa’s not happy!

Romance for Nev ~ The arrival of actress Nina Wadia as a customer at the meat counter paves the way for new romance for unlucky in love (and life), Neville (Dominic Coleman). In fact they have an unbelievable connection and Neville bags himself a date after a series of disasters.

Karen ~ Heather (Jessie Cave) is beside herself with worry when she realises she’s lost her name badge. When she is given a spare which reads ‘Karen’ she feels it’s only right to become the character that she feels is associated with the name, Karen. Karen’s life by all accounts is full of drama and trouble – and it’s hilarious to watch Heather in character.

Gavin to the rescue ~  Lou’s future with Valco looks bleak as Gavin (Jason Watkins) spies an opportunity to catalyse her downfall. However, a homemade card from her kids begging her not to lose the job soon puts in all in perspective for the Manager who essentially is as soft as pudding. So he’s soon prepping Lou for her impending meeting with Cheryl (Sarah Parish) who is “as cunning as a fox” and “as wily as… another fox”. Hilarious yet successful consequences all round!

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