Daytime Telly ~ Helen’s Highlights of the Week (week commencing 05/02/18)

Daytime television, I love it, there’s so much to choose from and you’ll note that in this week’s faves I’ve added Classic Coronation Street to the mix! What a treat to dip back into life on the cobbles when the characters were such an eclectic selection of big personalities. I don’t think you can beat it! Without further ado – here’s my week of top telly-viewing:

This Morning

Last week I made it clear I have a proper allegiance going on with regards to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. They’ve still been one of the main highlights of one of my favourite television programmes, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching. I must also mention Deidre who is a fantastic agony aunt, I loved Denise – she was a ray of sunshine, however Deidre is just as sensitive, engaging and I feel I could tell her my problems too. There was also a glorious moment this week when a Cancer survivor, Gemma thanked Kate Winslet for saving her life. She joined forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to raise money for Gemma’s costly treatment. Heroes, the pair of them!

Dickinson’s Real Deal

I am such a fan of antiques programmes and Dickinson’s Real Deal floats my antique gravy boat! I enjoy watching some of the more assertive folks pushing for the amount they’ve had their item valued for and it’s fascinating to see how interested (or not) the dealers are in securing a purchase. Long may the show reign, Dickinson is the King of antiques-based television programmes.

Classic Coronation Street

There’s nothing like a cat on a roof in opening titles and it takes me back to a weekday night when I had school the next day (giving away my age!). You can’t beat Rita (Barbara Knox), Mavis (Thelma Barlow) and Emily (Eileen Derbyshire) joining forces with the legendary Bet (Julie Goodyear). This week saw Bet desperate to host a successful dinner party now that she’s married to Alec (Roy Barraclough). Cue cancellations galore and even Rita pulling out at late notice because she has a poorly tum. Mavis and Emily are soon dragged in to make up for the lack of guests, but it doesn’t go as swimmingly as Bet would like. Aww!

Tipping Point

Ben Shephard is one of my best-loved presenters and he’s a highlight of Tipping Point, that’s for sure! However, what I also enjoy about this show is the fact it reminds me of the two pence machines at the seaside! How many of us watch this  television programme with the same anticipation as at the fair? I love it!

The Chase

I have to confess that this is one of my favourite quiz shows of all time – all of the Chasers are great sports as well as amazing quizzers. I think I’d like to face The Governess aka Anne Hegerty if I was given the choice although I also think Jenny Ryan (The Vixen) would be a pretty awesome opponent. Without a doubt, this show will appear in my daytime television highlights list frequently!

If, like me you love The Chase – you can purchase a version of the game to play at home, just click the image below if you fancy having a go at beating the chaser. Highly recommended by my family!

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