Call The Midwife, Series 7, Episode 4 ~ Review

Call The Midwife had me in tears again, what a surprise! This time because Helen George who plays Trixie has taken a ;eave of absence and it was dealt with so exceptionally well give the reason for her departure. Of course in real life Helen has left so that she can be a mummy! Which is super-exciting and I’m sure she won’t be absent forever given that there’s some way to go with the series of Call The Midwife. Here’s a few of the episode highlights, anyway including a few other tear-inducing moments!

Sister Monica Joan

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) has cataracts and refuses to go under the knife to have the situation rectified. The Turners can’t persuade her and Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) was also unable to change her colleague’s resolute mind. However, Fred (Cliff Parisi) is on hand to sit down with the troubled Sister and it’s not long before she’s prepared to have the operation. Sigh of relief!

The Turners

I love the Turners and think they’re a superb, tight little unit of a family. What I particularly enjoyed about this instalment was that Dr Turner (Stephen McGann) made a comment about his family being far from conventional. It’s never occurred to me that their family isn’t as conventional as families were in that era – because they all fit together so well. Hurrah for the Turners, say I!

Phenomenal Phyllis

Phyllis (Linda Bassett) was so wonderfully supportive of Trixie (Helen George) once she discovered her colleague’s situation. Of course she was firm and had to pull her up, professionally – however on the other side of the coin she was just the sort of understanding mentor anyone would want. The nuances of both characters are stunningly penned. The scenes between the two characters were remarkable in every respect and in the best possible way.

Ta-ta Trixie!

Get your hankies out because Trixie is off, she’s decided she needs to go away from it all to sort out all of her problems, it’s the right thing – but I think I speak for most fans when I say she’ll be missed. Sister Julienne is keeping the job open for her too, revealed in yet another exceptional scene between two established characters. So it’s ta ta for now Trixie… such a shame her old issues got the better of her but there was nobody better than Helen George to play that situation.

Sister Winnifred

I want to put in a word for Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates) because although she’s not headlining the storylines, she’s a brilliantly layered character and Yeates plays her fantastically well. Huge fan of her and I’d love to see her at the hub more regularly.

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