Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode Three ~ Review

It’s my highlight of the week – Two Doors Down, I view this show as a complete treat from beginning to end and I’m already fully aware of how bereft I’ll be when this series comes to a close. The campaign for series four start here! Favourite moments from this weeks’ episode are (as ever) plentiful, however I’ll try my best to set the scene!


Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Colin (Jonathan Watson) return from their holiday at their deluxe time share to discover that they’ve been burgled. Colin left a door open so it was more than just an opportunist moment! The police think there’s not much chance of catching whoever did it – so it’s down to the neighbours to help out. Christine (Elaine C Smith) soon makes an appearance once she hears what’s going on, she’s keen to have a cuppa after she’s had a good nose around at the situation. Cathy is distraught of course, even more so once she discovers her pills are missing. It’s not long before the gang de-camp to Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric’s (Alex Norton) house though and Christine is telling tales of their neighbour, Pat, who sleeps with a knife under her bed. “It’s for buttering crackers but it can double up!”

Chinese Laundry

When Colin realises to his disgust that the burglar has wanked off in his wife’s knicker drawer Cathy’s bilious and requesting that her clothes all be disposed of. However, washing it all seems to be the more obvious plan. With Cathy wincing at the thought of a launderette, Colin suggests that Beth wouldn’t say no to washing it all. Poor Beth, ending up in the kitchen as usual and with Cathy giving orders as to how she wants it all washed, too.

Suits you sir!

The break-in takes a back seat for a while once the Ian (Jamie Quinn) and Gordon (Kieran Hodgson) mention new suits purchased for their friends’ wedding. Cathy is delighted to get a gander at Gordon’s legs, while encouraging Ian not to try his trousers on. Gordon’s long trousers lead to Beth getting handy with her sewing kit and Cathy… just getting handy…!


Back-handed compliments are Cathy’s specialty. She’s been quite happy to let Beth do all her laundry, run her a bath, top up her alcohol levels and lend her a dressing gown. However, Cathy has to have her own dressing gown because “I just don’t like it” and as usual, she’s horrifically ungrateful for everything her neighbours have done. Not to mention that the bath is tiny and the dressing gown is cheap – hence why she doesn’t like it! Even Colin unwittingly causes offence as he slips in a remark about the bath. I do feel sorry for Beth and Eric, taken for granted and then some.


I have to mention Ian and how few lines he has! His silence is often palpable and his facial expressions speak volumes! I’m waiting for the day when he loses his temper, I think it would be a shock for everyone, parents included…

If you want to watch series one and two of Two Doors Down, you can own a copy of each on DVD – just click the images below to purchase and enjoy!

Credit: BBC Pictures 


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