Weekend Watch ~ 10th/11th February 2018

Weekends come and go so quickly I could swear to not having had a weekend! However, memories of my telly-viewing remain. I’m still loving some of the series I’ve shared with you in previous posts and there’s a new contender in my top picks, in fact I’m surprised that I’m late to the party with ITV’s Endeavour as I’m known to take guilty pleasure in a murder mystery or two. Here’s the highlights of my weekend in front of the box:

Pointless Celebrities

Sarah Millican on BBC One’s Pointless Celebrities! That’s all I have to say really… except that I feel she ought to be on the show on a weekly basis as an extra presenter! I adore Pointless and the Celebrities format is my favourite, however it really was an exceptional instalment last Saturday. I was also delighted to see the wonderful Helen Lederer, I admit that I fantasised about her teaming up with Harriet Thorpe and them playing the game as Catriona and Fleur – how fab ab would that be?

The Voice UK

We’re almost at the battle rounds on The Voice UK and I can’t wait! I’m finding it almost painful to watch the blind rounds now with so few spaces left on each team. I know that there are various singers who would have made it if they’d been heard earlier in the competition. I thought that Carol Smillie’s daughter was particularly outstanding and has a beautiful quality to her vocal range. I am eternally impressed with Jennifer Hudson’s positivity and she can often be heard softly uttering “he/she should definitely come back”. Which, if the contestant she’s referring to happens to catch her saying when they watch the show back – ought to give some hope. If at first you don’t succeed…


I always felt that the storyline featuring Elle (Jaye Griffiths) and Jacob (Charles Venn) would head in the direction of Blake (Kai Thorne) deciding to move in with his new-found dad for a while. It was a strong and powerful episode last Saturday with fine performances from Griffiths and Venn. I enjoy the on-going storylines that run through consecutive episodes and appear to disappear only to rear their head again. The format fits the series superbly.

Dancing on Ice

I don’t know what I did with my Sunday nights before I had Dancing on Ice back in my life! It was definitely time for Lemar to go, I was beginning to wonder if there’d be a miracle and he’d wind up winning the show. I was impressed by Alex Beresford and Brianne, again – my votes went that way again, I happily admit. I also want to mention Antony Cotton who I felt put heart and soul into the routine even though it was pointed out that this appeared to be missing. I must also point out to Ms Torvill (much as I absolutely admire the woman to the zillionth degree) that Mr Cotton isn’t likely to be performing at the capacity he could manage prior to the broken ribs. I’m not sure why she needed to question the inconsistency… I stand by my comment in last week’s post, bring Torvill and Dean back as mentors, they were much better suited to those roles.


I enjoyed an Inspector Morse episode as much as the next armchair detective, so why Endeavour has only recently landed on my radar is a mystery itself. However, I’m so glad I’ve found it and I was glued to the two hour instalment offered by ITV last Sunday. Shaun Evans is brilliantly cast as a young Endeavour Morse, every emotion flits across his features, identical to John Thaw’s portrayal. Roger Allam is also perfect casting in this drama.  I’m fully intending to have a back catalogue watch-a-thon to catch up on all I’ve missed so far. ITV drama at its best!

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