Trollied, Series Seven, Episode Seven ~ Review


Sky One’s Trollied certainly adds an air of mystery to my tele-viewing week! The mystery being why Lou (Sally Phillips) is still employed as Night Manager!! However, all that look set to change – which is actually rather sad and his repercussions for Gavin (Jason Watkins). ‘Dr’ Brian (Stephen Tompkinson) has his knickers in a twist as usual, this time he’s trying to compete with Boots. Then there’s Cheryl (Sarah Parish) and the case of the peach tie (wedding stuff!). Valco – serves your right!

Green eyed monster

“Neville is lovely, oh lovely Neville” sings Megan (Nina Wadia) and what’s weird is that Neville (Dominic Coleman) has been singing the same song about Megan! We’ve entered the twilight zone where unlucky Nev has met his match. However, Linda (Faye McKeever) isn’t happy that Nev is happy, especially as Craig (Danny Mac) couldn’t be more disinterested in her and as Sue (Lorraine Cheshire) perceives it – that makes Linda the Neville in her new relationship. The question being, does that mean Linda will make a bid to reunite with Nev? Probably, anything could happen at Valco!

New Lou

Lou has been making an effort to change her ways, she’s hopeful that the week’s figures will be much better. It comes as a blow when Gavin has to tell her that she’s still not making any progress, Head Office are hot on Cheryl’s heels and Lou looks set to be fired. Gavin’s last ditch attempt includes a pep talk with Lou while she swills a bottle of pine flavoured bubble bath and some on the job training. It’s too little too late though and Gavin comes clean with Cheryl about his reasons for hiring Lou in the first place. Uh oh, Gav’s on the sofa…

Pharmacy Envy

Brian is determined to stop Boots from laughing at Valco (which is only happening in his twisted mind, of course!) and with Margaret (Rita May) having been to Boots consulting room (albeit for confession), he’s soon knocking on Gavin’s door with a plea for his own consultation room. The only problem is that Brian’s stomach is more than tickled by some of the problems the shoppers are bringing to his ‘cubicle’ and Margaret is holding his calls!

Gavin’s gloomy day

Gavin’s not having the best of days, he’s already had to break the news to Lou that her sales figures are continuing to fall. Add to the mix that he’s been fearful of having to wear a peach tie to his wedding and now it looks dicey as to whether the wedding will even go ahead, given that Cheryl is fuming with him after his confession regarding Lou and his reasons for employing her. Poor Gav!


I think Lisa (Beverly Rudd) is the best, the character is a great culmination of all the horrendous employees I’ve come across in my consumer experiences. This week saw Lisa refusing to open her till for no reason other than she doesn’t want to. She gets away with it as well, even Gavin is unwilling to approach her about opening her till. I’m sure there’s a tiny part of all of us that wishes we could get away such blatant impertinence isn’t there? Feet up on the conveyer belt as queues build up. Brilliant!

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