Daytime Telly ~ Helen’s Highlights of the Week (week commencing 12/2/18)

Another week over and many more daytime television programmes devoured by yours truly! It’s amazing how interested I’ve become in the variety of daytime television programmes that I’m spoiled for choice with. Here’s a few more of my must-watch shows:

Good Morning Britain

OK so Piers Morgan isn’t exactly a big attraction when it comes to this breakfast television choice, however the likes of Ben Shephard, Alex Beresford and Kate Garraway make up for that. The guests are mostly interesting and the topical debates of the day set me up for the morning. It’s one of my favourite breakfast television programmes ever, in fact. Great format, a good mixture of presenters and we’ll gloss over Piers!


Lorraine Kelly would have been my presenter of choice to add to the Good Morning Britain line up so the fact she’s got her own show post-GMB makes me happy. She’s a breath of fresh air and I love her interviewing style. Christine Lampard has stood in for her this week and done a fine job, however I have to confess I missed Lorraine a wee bit.

Escape to the Country

This isn’t a television programme I could have imagined getting on board with, however the more time I spend in the hub of the West Midlands, the more idealistic a place in the Country becomes. I was particularly glued to Monday’s episode where the couple it centred around were looking to up stick in and around North Yorkshire. I’m familiar with the area and I’ve already made plans in my head!

Antiques Road Trip

I love antiques fairs and visits to antiques shops, so this programme ticks the box for me. Catherine Southon and Philip Serrell were head to head on this week’s instalments and they’re one of my favourite duos. I always enjoy seeing the exploration of the West Country as it’s a region my family and I frequent, so I’m logging all of these antiques hideaways for future trips. I like the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip programmes too so more of those, please!


Let’s throw in Comedy Central channel for a change and the fact that its reunited me with my love of ‘Friends’. What I feel is such a clever and innovative format with this amazing series is that revisiting the episodes feels like catching up with old friends. It’s great cheer-me-up television for a gloomy February day. I’ll never tire of tuning in and reciting the script!





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