If you’re reading this it means you’ve reached the sister blog of Break A Leg and I’m absolutely over the moon and back again that you’ve dropped by to see me (I have a tendency towards the dramatic, but I am genuinely excited to ‘see’ you!). I’m Helen McWilliams, in case you didn’t know!

Why does Break A Leg need a sister? I hear you ask… Well, as an only child myself perhaps I have a hang up about siblings and lack there of! Or if you want the truth, I felt it was time to introduce a platform where I can share my passion for all things television and film. Back in my pre-double figures years I was regularly taken to the theatre by my parents, I loved it and still see as much live entertainment as I can. However, I was also (and still am) a telly addict and a film fan. In fact I’ll freely admit that in my teenage years and early twenties I’d often make an effort to see a theatrical production because the star was off the telly. I should hang my head in shame in theatrical circles – oopsy! It’s the truth, though.

You also might know, if you follow my ramblings on Break A Leg, that I frequent Comic Cons and I’m a self-confessed geek. I love Star Wars, Marvel films, chick flicks (Bridesmaids is a particular favourite) and I think Melissa McCarthy is a genius.

My television choices are equally varied, I do enjoy the soaps – I’m sure a few of you have clicked off this link now in disgust, but there, I’ve said it (insert the EastEnders ‘duff duff duff duff duff duff duff duff duff’ here!). I also have a hankering for a good murder sometimes and dip in and out of Midsomer Murders or Miss Marple. Other dramas that float my boat are Call The Midwife, Ackley Bridge and I was gripped by ITV’s Liar, recently. When it comes to comedy, I was brought up watching and adoring Hi De Hi!, On The Up, Duty Free, Never The Twain, The Upper Hand and now I am a huge fan of the likes of W1A and Trollied.

My aim with this blog is to bring you reviews and articles about my favourite television programmes, the latest movies (or a movie that might be new to me – there are so many on the old Sky Box!) and I might also throw in some opinions on Children’s television programmes that will be punctuated by my three year old’s two penneth as well.

If there’s something in particular you’d like me to review, just use the form on this page Contact Me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. I don’t bite very often, and if I do bite it’s only a little nip… so please feel free to say hi!

That’s all for now, folks – so thanks for checking out the new blog and enjoy.

Helen xx




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