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Howards End Episode Three & Episode Four ~ Review

Episode Three:

Who felt the angst from Mr Bast in this episode of BBC One’s Howards End, then? Wowzers it was oozing all over the place! His complete adoration of Helen is overt while Mrs Bast is suffering with poor health and their finances have taken a nose dive due to the advice from Mr Wilcox that Mr Bast move employers. Suffice to say that the advice was not sound as Mr Bast found himself redundant.

Romance is on the mind of Mr Wilcox and the other boiling pot that’s been bubbling since episode one spills over when he asks Meg to marry him. Much to Helen’s disgust it seems.

The intertwining of the Bast and Wilcox family is highlighted too as it soon becomes clear that Mrs Bast has been Mr Wilcox’s mistress in the past. This news emerges as Helen turns up with the Basts, laying blame at Mr Wilcox’s door for their unfortunate circumstances.

So, with Evie married in a lavish wedding ceremony – it looks as though another Wilcox wedding won’t be imminent, Meg is released from the engagement…

Episode Four:

The final instalment of Howards End! Did you love it as much as I did? What an exceptional adaptation, what a set, what a cast – amazing!

So, what did we have in the last episode? Well Helen has disappeared and Meg is anguished – imagining all sorts has happened to her sister. Particularly, due to Helen’s vague letters. Although Tibby and Meg could not imagine the reason for Helen’s prolonged absence. However, they are keen to piece it together and Charles becomes involved in solving the mystery – especially once the Basts are thrown into the mix.

Meg does marry and become Mrs Wilcox – albeit a fraught union which almost crumbles altogether when Helen reappears and is found to be heavily pregnant. Meg is desperate for her husband’s support which he is unwilling to give, even in light of his own misdemeanours.

Bast is the father of Helen’s unborn child of course, and he meets an untimely demise. Meanwhile Meg declares that she will move to Germany with her sister. There is a happy ending in sight, but I won’t spoil it. All I will say is that my Sundays have been filled with a glorious piece of television. Thanks BBC!


Series Cast:

Matthew Macfadyen Matthew Macfadyen
Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell
Philippa Coulthard Philippa Coulthard
 Helen Schlegel 4 episodes, 2017
Alex Lawther Alex Lawther
Joe Bannister Joe Bannister
 Charles Wilcox 4 episodes, 2017
Donna Banya Donna Banya
Tracey Ullman Tracey Ullman
Bessie Carter Bessie Carter
 Evie Wilcox 4 episodes, 2017
Joseph Quinn Joseph Quinn
Rosalind Eleazar Rosalind Eleazar
 Jacky Bast 4 episodes, 2017
Yolanda Kettle Yolanda Kettle
 Dolly Wilcox 3 episodes, 2017
Sandra Voe Sandra Voe
 Miss Avery 3 episodes, 2017
Gavin Brocker Gavin Brocker
Miles Jupp Miles Jupp
 Percy Cahill 3 episodes, 2017
William Belchambers William Belchambers
Hannah Traylen Hannah Traylen
Jonah Hauer-King Jonah Hauer-King
 Paul Wilcox 2 episodes, 2017
Julia Ormond Julia Ormond
 Mrs. Wilcox 1 episode, 2017
Estrid Barton Estrid Barton
 Austrian Housekeeper 1 episode, 2017
Matthew Marrs Matthew Marrs
 Young Man: Danny 1 episode, 2017
Sagar Arya Sagar Arya
 Doctor: for Tibby 1 episode, 2017
Jos Slovick Jos Slovick
 Ticket Boy 1 episode, 2017
Andrew Bridgmont Andrew Bridgmont
 Swanage Doctor 1 episode, 2017
Harry Gostelow Harry Gostelow
 Waiter: Simpsons 1 episode, 2017
George Taylor George Taylor
 Herr Liesecke 1 episode, 2017
Leonie Benesch Leonie Benesch
 Frieda Mosenbach 1 episode, 2017
Mark Donald Mark Donald
 Mr. Mansbridge 1 episode, 2017
Daniel Bogod Daniel Bogod
 Waiter: Oniton 1 episode, 2017
Maya Saroya Maya Saroya
 Earnest Young Woman 1 episode, 2017
Tim Pritchett Tim Pritchett
 Young Man: Margaret’s Friend 1 episode, 2017
Nick Davison Nick Davison
 Concert Goer / … (uncredited) 2 episodes, 2017
Tim Ingall Tim Ingall
 Albert Thomas / … (uncredited) 2 episodes, 2017
Ndongo Faye Ndongo Faye
 Mr. Cunningham (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
James Hare James Hare
 Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Helena Holmes Helena Holmes
 Florist (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Danny Jackson Danny Jackson
 Bystander (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Paul A Munday Paul A Munday
 Coffin Bearer (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Bernardo Santos Bernardo Santos
 Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Tamara Sharpe Tamara Sharpe
 Secretary (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Gumuliauskas Vaclovas Gumuliauskas Vaclovas
 Lobby boy (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017
Arthur Wilde Arthur Wilde
 Shopper (uncredited) 1 episode, 2017

Two Doors Down, Episodes 5 & 6 ~ Review

Two Doors Down – how much do I love this being shown on Gold? Just a wee bit! Television at its best and funniest.

The next two episodes focus on Sophie’s pregnancy, Christine’s unreasonable behaviour and Cathy’s hot tub joy…

*** Episode Five ***

Christine (Elaine C. Smith) has recovered from the shock news of Sophie’s (Sharon Rooney)pregnancy, however one detail is missing – Sophie has neglected to mention who the father is! Christine’s solution to this? Lock Sophie in the shed!

Cathy (Doon Mackichan) has been attempting to make scrambled eggs for Colin (Jonathan Watson) and is grateful for the distraction of Eric (Alex Norton) popping by to ask for Colin’s help moving furniture. While the boys are moving an old bed (with Colin being distinctly less helpful than Eric had anticipated) they are soon side-tracked by an impromptu and competitive game of darts in the garage.

Meanwhile Cathy and Beth (Arabella Weir) are trying to talk some reason into Christine and remove Sophie from the shed.

Cathy is playing mediator with the aid of alcohol (for a change!) and before long we find out that the father could be one of two lads and can’t be narrowed down. Her baby was conceived during a threesome!

*** Episode Six ***

Beth and Eric decide it’s time they had a holiday and book a last minute trip to Turkey. Much to the dismay of Cathy who was planning a hot tub warming party and is soon hitting the bottle well before noon.

Ian (Jamie Quinn) is not so sure about the early morning trip to the airport and is grateful for Colin’s offer – which is soon withdrawn once the 4am pick up is mentioned. Cathy soon cheers up when her party can still go ahead, Ian and Christine’s little pal are ‘signed up’ and it’s not long before Christine and Sophie think that they’re invited too.

There’s glass, a noisy hot tub and clumsiness. Oh and there’s Eric, who is missing at the time of glass-gate and unwittingly steps into the tub. At least he and Beth make it to their holiday!

Cathy is renowned for her strops, but I think this episode really shows her colours. I also felt that the deeper meaning to the sadness and loneliness of the character was shown during this storyline. What makes this sit com so watchable is that it’s so easy to invest in all of the characters and their flaws work on a comedic level and actually on a more serious note too. I hope there’s more to come from Two Doors Down!


Howards End Episode Two ~ Review

Second instalment of another BBC triumph, Howards End and the Schlegel sisters are still seemingly going about their business in blissful ignorance as to the chaos left in their collective wake.

Mrs Wilcox has passed away suddenly which paves the way for Margaret and Henry to strengthen their acquaintance. Leonard Bast is caught up with the Schlegel sisters following Helen’s ‘theft’ of his umbrella in last week’s episode. His ‘wife’ is soon knocking on their door after discovering Margaret’s business card. It’s clear Mr Bast is at odds with himself and the character is being played as such and brilliantly by Joseph Quinn. While Helen and Margaret are trying to find ways to enhance his financial status.

Meanwhile, Tibby is becoming more mocking and sarcastic all the time.  I enjoy the character’s quick wit and find it amusing that If he’s not getting into arguments with Margaret and Helen, he’s playing piano.

We see more of Evie’s character in this second episode too, her pompous traits are laid bare and she also appears to be more confident since the passing of her mother. The scene at Simpsons is eye opening in itself. Who’d have thought a choice of which cheese to have would cause such engaging entertainment! Henry’s over-ruling of what sort of cheese Margaret should have isn’t met with an objection but she doesn’t look best pleased!

Finally, unsurprisingly, Helen is quick to remark that Henry is in love with Margaret… We shall see…


Role Contributor
Margaret Schlegel Hayley Atwell
Henry Wilcox Matthew Macfadyen
Helen Schlegel Philippa Coulthard
Leonard Bast Joseph Quinn
Tibby Schlegel Alex Lawther
Charles Wilcox Joseph Bannister
Jacky Bast Rosalind Eleazar
Evie Wilcox Bessie Carter
Paul Wilcox Jonah Hauer-King
Aunt Juley Tracey Ullman
Mrs Wilcox Julia Ormond
Annie Donna Banya
Nancy Hannah Traylen
Crane Gavin Brocker
Frieda Mosenbach Leonie Benesch
Herr Liesecke George Taylor
Doctor (for Tibby) Sagar Arya
Young Man (Margaret’s Friend) Tim Pritchett
Earnest Young Woman Maya Saroya
Ticket Boy Jos Slovick
Producer Laura Hastings-Smith
Director Hettie MacDonald
Writer Kenneth Lonergan
Executive Producer Colin Callender
Executive Producer Sophie Gardiner
Executive Producer Scott Huff
Executive Producer Joshua D Maurer
Executive Producer Alixandre Witlin
Executive Producer David A Stern
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Production Company Playground Television UK Ltd

Casualty ~ Spotlight on ‘Robyn’ played by Amanda Henderson

For the next few weeks I’m going to be focusing on the characters in BBC One’s Casualty as opposed to a full episode review each week – inspired by the storylines becoming so much more character focused at the moment. Last Saturday’s episode (number 33) saw Robyn (Amanda Henderson) unexpectedly reunited with Glen (Owain Arthur) as the truth as to his whereabouts was revealed and Dylan (Will Beck) has had a hand in the situation. Which was a surprising turn of events in itself! The episode also saw the much anticipated guest appearance of Cagney & Lacey’s Sharon Gless as a past tutor of Dylan’s. In fact I’ll just take a moment to congratulate Gless on a fantastic character who was extremely engaging to watch on screen. I hope she comes back, do you?

So, back to Robyn and her little daughter’s christening for which Glen had made sure he reappeared for. Watching the scenes evoked a series of ‘flashbacks’ for me as I considered the character of Robyn’s journey to date. Here are my thoughts and ramblings!

  1. Naivety ~ When Robyn arrived in Holby her naivety was the over-riding characteristic. Sensitive, almost childlike in her personality and trying to fit into the team and seem older than her years. The dynamic was certainly missing a character as bubbly and cheery and Robyn and she quickly established herself as an integral part of the team.
  2. Siblings ~ Max  (Jamie Davis) is Robyn’s half brother and has been a somewhat steady presence in her life. They are protective of one another and despite the many traumas Robyn’s encountered, I’ve never felt like she’s been on her own.
  3. Friendships ~ Dylan is perhaps the most unlikely of mates for Robyn, the part he’s played in Glen’s ‘journey’ will surely come into question over coming episodes, but there was no denying that Dylan was a rock to Robyn during her pregnancy. David (Jason Durr) was also a buddy of hers until the fateful night when she gave birth to Charlotte in the church graveyard while David experienced a manic episode. They’ve not really recaptured the essence of that friendship since then. However the friends she has in Duffy (Cath Shipton) and Charlie (Derek Thompson) are like family to Robyn, providing a roof over her head and in-house baby sitters too!
  4. Romance ~ Robyn hasn’t been successful on the romance front and suitors seemed to be few and far between – so when Glen came along, it seemed like the right fit for Robyn had walked into her life at last. To bring with him a life-limiting brain tumour was more than a fly in the ointment and it’s such a terrible shame that they haven’t been able to make a go of it regardless, with Glen too concerned with saddling the love of his life with a terminally ill husband. When he ditched Robyn and left her at the altar, that really was a heart-wrenching moment. We’ll see what his reappearance brings, but it won’t be all good news.
  5. Motherhood ~ As a Nurse, Robyn almost has too much knowledge of how much could go wrong for a new born and indeed a child. Her paranoia when baby Charlotte had so much as a sniffle was an interesting emergence. However, I think she’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water now and looks completely at home with a baby in her arms. Becoming a mum has been the making of Robyn.



MCM Comic Con ~ NEC, Birmingham (21st – 22nd November 2017)

For more details of MCM Comic Con’s schedule for next year visit MCM Comic Con

Comic Cons are undoubtedly one of my obsessions and MCM provide some of the best conventions, I always enjoy the November event in Birmingham because it’s close to Christmas – so you could call it my Christmas shopping Comic Con! Here are some highlights of MCM’s latest as well as some top tips which may be helpful if you’re overwhelmed by the larger scale Comic Con.


  • UK Garrison, always on duty at events like these and one of the staples of MCM, UK Garrison were on hand with a band of Storm Troopers and a fantastic selection of other characters to delight Star Wars fans of all ages. I never fail to be impressed by Chewbacca and he is undoubtedly my little boy’s favourite.
  • Comic Village – this seemed bigger and better this year, unless it was the layout which gave that impression. I was particularly taken with Lee Bradley’s work and I am always eagerly looking out for other artists I’ve yet to discover. Comic Village provides the best opportunity to become acquainted with artists and their amazing work.
  • Theatre – the set up in the theatre area was much more comfortable and the list of guests was impressive. I found David Bradley fascinating to listen to, his Q & A session was informative and covered a wide range of television shows and movies, including Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones. “I came back to have my throat cut!” he said of his final appearance on Game of Thrones. I also loved listening to Veronica Taylor who was the first Ash in Pokémon – what an honour to have her amongst us. Plus there was Peter Davison and Colin Baker for all the Whovians in the hall.
  • Stalls – I thought the range of stalls was extremely impressive as there was quite a good variation between the higher priced and lower budget items. If you’ve got hundreds of pounds to spend on a specialist item – the opportunities were there. If you want a bargain, there were also many to be had. More of the stalls take card and Paypal payments now too which I much prefer.
  • Cosplay – Cosplayers are out in force for MCM and with the large scale Comic Con comes some of the most resplendent costumes. From Tour Guide Barbie in her box to Transformers to Iron Man – you’d be hard pushed not to have found a favourite character walking around to have a selfie with!
Actor, David Bradley – famous for Harry Potter franchise and Game of Thrones amongst many other credits!


  1. Crowds ~ Want to have a good look around without the overwhelming hub-bub? Get there early and be one of the first to get in with a ticket purchased in advance. I also recommend going later in the day (especially on the Saturday) and hanging around until the close of the show. It’s decidedly less busy and easier to get around.
  2. Bargains ~ going on the Sunday is the best way of getting hold of those bargains, staying until the close of show on a Sunday may also provide an opportunity to get your hands on a much-wanted item for a good price.
  3. Weekend ticket ~ I recommend the weekend ticket – the flexibility it offers to see the convention at different times and manage the above tips is worth its weight. Advance purchased tickets are usually quite reasonably priced too.
  4. Cosplay ~ wondering whether you’d stand out for the wrong reasons if you wear a costume? Don’t think twice, do it! Comic Cons are the best place to dress as your favourite character and you’ll be glad you did when you see how many others have done the same. In fact those of us who don’t dress up probably stand out more!
  5. Plan ~ a bit of forward planning never goes amiss at these large events. Check out the floor plan in the guide book and check the times of the talks you might want to see so that you can get a good seat to watch your favourites talk about the things you’re passionate about too. It’s also often worth leaving the stalls and shopping until last when some of the crowds have moved on.
Two of our favourite cosplayers from the weekend who very kindly allowed us to use this photograph.


Two Doors Down, Episodes 3 & 4 ~ Review

More from Gold’s Two Doors Down in the form of another couple of hilarious instalments, this week. It really is the best television comedy available at the moment. In my humble opinion of course!

My highlights are below:

*** Episode 3 ***

It’s Ian (Jamie Quinn) and Jaz’s (Harki Bhambra) housewarming party – Beth (Arabella Weir) and Cathy (Doon Mackichan) are on their way to spend the evening with the boys. Meanwhile Colin (Jonathan Watson) and Eric (Alex Norton) are having a boys night in, in front of the tennis – well, until swingball seems a good idea and their ball lands in Christine’s (Elaine C. Smith) back garden!

Cathy’s getting into the party spirit with a booze-fest of her own while Jaz is fretting about the temperature of the room and everything in between. Beth is smiling through it, keeping the peace and Ian looks as shell-shocked and bewildered as ever as he tries to follow his mother’s lead. A downstairs neighbour is soon hammering on the door when her baby’s sleep is in jeopardy (Cathy has the music up as loud as she pleases, naturally) and predictably this leads to a row, no prizes for guessing who starts it and carries it on as long as she can “I WANT TO TALK!” Cathy shouts in the unwitting neighbour’s face. As the party appear to de-camp to the corridor, they are locked out of the flat!

Colin and Eric’s ball recovery mission lands them with Christine for company, she’s helping herself to curry and settling in for an evening in front of the tennis in someone else’s house – standard Christine behaviour. What’s funnier is when the consensus is that they don’t like tennis but they like Wimbledon. The observational qualities of the script are exceptional. The format of each episode results in the gang congregating at Beth and Eric’s house, yet it never feels predictable. There’s always enough happening to distract from the fact that everybody has ended up doing what they do every episode. Clever writing and the cast dynamic works too.

*** Episode 4 ***

It’s Eric’s birthday tomorrow and Beth is out shopping for a present that he claims not to be bothered about. He just wants peace and quiet as he sits down in front of the telly with food and no alcohol (he’s on the wagon, much to the amusement of his friends). His quiet time is soon interrupted by the arrival of Ian , Jaz, Colin and Cathy. Colin and Cathy have bought wine for Ian’s birthday, which they’re soon happy to drink on his behalf once his intentions to stay off the alcohol are made known. In fact Cathy downs most of it!

It’s not long before Christine and Sophie complete the picture having returned from a funeral. It was full mass so Christine is decked out in her finery and can’t remember the name of her mother’s cousin who’s funeral they’ve just attended. Although she’s making a meal of it of course, showing the order of service to a disinterested Cathy and demanding food even though she’s enjoyed herself at the wake and tucked into the buffet with gusto. Sophie seems on edge, as usual when her mother’s around, but there’s an extra dimension to her worry.

Beth’s home to a house-full (I don’t know why she’s surprised) and her purchase of a digital photo frame for Eric’s birthday sparks the reveal of a family portrait taken many years ago – upon which Eric has stuck a sticker to hide the bits and pieces he’s showing – because he’s wearing a kilt. Hilarious!

Oh and Sophie’s pregnant, she takes the test in Beth and Eric’s bathroom (as you do!) and the announcement sends her mother into tizzy and off to hospital until the wee small hours – Happy Birthday Eric!

Casualty Series 32, Episode 12 ~ Review

So, Lily’s gone leaving Iain a bit nowhere and Sam eager to pounce, Ethan is still wracked with guilt, Connie is battling on with her diagnosis seemingly at the back of her mind and all is busy as usual as we pay another visit to Holby ED. Highlights of last week’s Casualty

Iain and Sam ~ It hasn’t taken Sam long to move in on her ex, Iain. However quite rightly, he’s shrugging off her advances, albeit for the time being. Although I feel sure that the writers will take them down the tryst route, I have serious doubts about the future of their relationship – especially their professional relationship if they ‘go there’.

Ethan’s erring on the side of the truth ~ Ethan is still plagued by the consequences of his actions having claimed justice for Cal in a way which was not at all like Ethan. The ‘murder’ hangs over him to the point that I still feel he will crack at some point. This time it was an ill-timed joke from Max that set him off, who knows what it will be next time? Connie is still trying to protect him, but he’s a loose cannon.

Connie’s control (or lack there of) ~ Connie’s illness is affecting her ability to practice and it’s not only obvious to those in the know i.e. Ethan, but to the team, or at least Charlie looked slightly suspicious when Connie handed Ethan the ‘baton’ midway through doing her job. Charlie has been a good friend to Connie in the past, will he be let in on the secret too?

Rash rushes (…to the loo!) ~ New boy, Rash is all bravado and eagerness until his job involves something he’s uncomfortable with. The young medic makes a swift exit to the toilet when there’s the chance of his being required to stitch up a patient – he’s a tickle-stomached trainee and David is enjoying it a little too much!

Break A Leg Awards ~ Public vote for the Break A Leg Awards closes on Monday 20th November 2017 at midday. Casualty, Amanda Mealing, Crystal Yu, Jason Durr and Will Beck are all nominated – so make sure you put in a vote for your favourite and for Casualty too of course!



Role Contributor
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Rashid Masum Neet Mohan
David Hide Jason Durr
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Sam Nicholls Charlotte Salt
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
D C Wilkinson Amy Noble
Ocean Reynolds Georgia Frost
Andrew Hayes Stuart McQuarrie
Chris Murphy Harry Eden
Matthew Power Keith Ramsey
Writer Simon Norman
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Director Matthew Evans



Howards End Episode 1 ~ Review

Four-part adaptation of EM Forster’s classic novel telling the story of two independent and unconventional sisters and the men in their lives.

Howards End has long been a favourite of mine, ahead of its time in my humble opinion so it’s definitely the right time to produce a new adaptation. The story revolves around the Schlegel sisters and their many encounters, mostly with but not limited to the Wilcox family. Love trysts, unattainable in nature yet pursued regardless – and with just one episode having aired, there’s so much more to come yet!

Bessie Carter and Julia Ormond as Evie and Mrs Wilcox

In the first instalment, Helen Schlegel has been staying with the Wilcox family at Howards End, they’re a mixed bunch and each member of the family has their quirks. Mrs Wilcox rules the roost while Mr Wilcox has an air of mystery about him, he never appears entirely comfortable. Meanwhile, Margaret Schlegel is being kept company, whether she likes it or not, by her Aunt Juley – a character I would liken to Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.

The cast alone promises a hit BBC drama and I was not disappointed. Hayley Atwell and Philippa Coulthard are well matched as sisters and Matthew Macfadyen heads the Wilcox family perfectly with Julia Ormond inspired casting as Mrs Wilcox, her face says it all! I was also impressed with how seamlessly Tracey Ullman has fitted into a classical role and felt that she displayed just the right balance with a character who could so easily become a caricature.

Tracey Ullman – a revelation as Aunt Juley

If you didn’t tune in on Sunday night, give it a try – you don’t need to know the story beforehand and the setting, location and attention to detail for the period are all exquisitely done. If you did tune in on Sunday night, I hope (like me) you’ll be eagerly anticipating the next three episodes? This is just the ticket for an autumnal Sunday evening.



Role Contributor
Margaret Schlegel Hayley Atwell
Henry Wilcox Matthew Macfadyen
Helen Schlegel Philippa Coulthard
Leonard Bast Joseph Quinn
Tibby Schlegel Alex Lawther
Charles Wilcox Joseph Bannister
Jacky Bast Rosalind Eleazar
Evie Wilcox Bessie Carter
Paul Wilcox Jonah Hauer-King
Aunt Juley Tracey Ullman
Mrs Wilcox Julia Ormond
Annie Donna Banya
Nancy Hannah Traylen
Crane Gavin Brocker
Frieda Mosenbach Leonie Benesch
Herr Liesecke George Taylor
Doctor (for Tibby) Sagar Arya
Young Man (Margaret’s Friend) Tim Pritchett
Earnest Young Woman Maya Saroya
Ticket Boy Jos Slovick
Producer Laura Hastings-Smith
Director Hettie MacDonald
Writer Kenneth Lonergan
Executive Producer Colin Callender
Executive Producer Sophie Gardiner
Executive Producer Scott Huff
Executive Producer Joshua D Maurer
Executive Producer Alixandre Witlin
Executive Producer David A Stern
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Production Company Playground Television UK Ltd

Spotlight On… Star of Casualty, Neet Mohan

There’s a new F1 doctor in BBC’s  Casualty, Rashid Masum is making himself known the building and he’s making quite an impression. I chatted to Neet Mohan who plays him – and this is what he had to say about Holby’s latest recruit.

Thanks for chatting to me, Neet – you’ve joined Casualty as a new F1 Junior Doctor, did you do any research or shadowing before you took on the role?

My cousin is a doctor and while he was studying I talked to him about all the things that he was doing as part of his training. He would tell me about all the aspects of his training which was quite amazing to hear about, especially as he’s my ‘baby’ cousin and someone I’ve always felt I’ve ‘looked after’. That was the extent of my research though, talking to him about his job.

How has your experience of Casualty been so far?

Everyone’s been really lovely, they’ve all been so welcoming and the team are amazing. Matthew, one of the Directors has been a godsend, he’s so gentle and we I feel I can talk to him about things. It’s all happened really quickly from audition to being on set.

Were you a Casualty viewer before you joined the cast?

I watched it when I was a kid and in my teens, then I stopped watching it – and now recently I’ve started watching it again so that I can catch up with what’s been going on.

What are Rash’s character traits? How does he fit in to the team?

I think he’s a bit naïve and can be a bit green. He means well though and tries really hard, he has a sense of humour and tries to be jokey and have fun, but not at the right times. He’s going to be a really good doctor when he knows how to be a good doctor. He wants to make friends with the team and if he does rub people up the wrong way he’s not doing it on purpose, he wants to be liked.

Do you think he’s aspiring to be like any of the doctors that he’s working with?

Not yet, but there were elements of Lily that he was struck by and I think he’d like to be like her.

What would you like for Rash in the future?

I would like to see him grow in confidence and prove his worth. I think he’s got an over-powering mum so hopefully he can flee the nest, stand on his own two feet and gain the respect of his peers.

Thanks for your time, Neet – I think Rash has already made an impact and I’m sure he will continue to do so.

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